WEB DESIGN for a Legal Tech Conference

Web Design for the Net Documents Elevate EMEA conference in London

Web Design for Legal Tech Conference


Net Documents Elevate EMEA


Web Design

This page shows the web design for a legal tech conference in London, called Elevate EMEA, that was put on by Net Documents.

The hours that you spent working on our ideas was so much appreciated. The stress we put you under, firing demands at you; we are forever indebted.
Thanks for everything Steve.

Josie Jacub – Net Documents

The Elevate EMEA website design is based predominantly on a single page layout. The layout allows all of the information to be displayed on one page for easy access via scrolling or using the navigation bar to move to the appropriate section.

I added interactivity to the intro screen so that the elements shown reposition based on where the cursor or mouse arrow is.

Other features, like a countdown timer, interactive maps and sliding background images were also implemented.

There were a couple of additional pages created for the event sponsors and after-party sections of the site.  These needed to use a different layout based on the necessary content and to differentiate them from the main site info.

Due to the incredible location at County Hall in London, which is very near the London Eye, it was fitting to use this photo as the background and loose frame for the introductory info. It was used for a lot of the Elevate EMEA marketing so that it was immediately obvious where the event was to be held.

Mobile web design for a Legal tech conference

Responsive Design

There was a lot of work put into ensuring that all the elements display well on mobile devices as well as bigger screens. The responsive behaviour uses custom CSS for specific breakpoints, that allows elements’ design and positioning to be tailored to the screen size they are being viewed on.

Conference registration website popup

Registration Popup

An intelligent feature that was used to get registrations for the event is the use of a popup form that is triggered when someone is about to leave the page. The coding of this is pretty smart in that, it won’t distract anyone from reading the info on the site, but instead only triggers when they are about to leave.

Elevate EMEA website

See the Net Documents Elevate EMEA site in action.

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