Velo29 Cycling Event ARTWORK DESIGN

Graphic Design, Web Design and Branding for Velo29’s Cycling Events.

Velo29 Cycling Event Artwork Design mockup
Client: Velo29 Cycling Events

Skills: Branding + Graphic Design + Web Design + Illustration

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I have been working with Velo29 on their cycling event artwork designs since 2011 and it’s been a blast!

I handle everything from the initial branding and artwork for each event to maintaining their website and everything in between. Some of the specific work I create is MailChimp Email Marketing, Social Media Artwork, Event Artwork Design & illustration (posters, banners, signage, web ads and all their other marketing).

Steve is superb to deal with and nothing seems too much trouble. Both website and graphic design top notch with ultra fast lead times. Could not recommend enough.

James Sullivan – Velo29 Events

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Cycling Sportive Artwork Creation
Cycle Race Event Designs

Cycling Event Artwork Designer

A large part of my work for velo29 includes their cycling event artwork design. Each event has its own visual identity and brand, so it’s great fun developing the visuals. Careful consideration needs to be put into it so that it works in a wide range of sizes and formats. These include artwork for posters, social media, web pages and other promotional and marketing designs.

Bespoke Illustration for Events

A lot of the cycling event imagery incorporates illustration, which allows me to create captivating designs from a wide range of sources, resulting in stunning visuals to promote the events.

Cycle Events Web Design

Check out the Velo29 website in all it’s glory and showcases all the cycling event artwork design.

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Cycling event webpage design

Cycle Events Web Design

I created the Velo29 website so that riders could find the events quickly, make bookings and get all the info they need to have an enjoyable ride. It needs to be easy for the event organisers to make updates too. It also works beautifully on all devices, as the responsive behaviour and usability were carefully planned and implemented. The Velo29 website is the central aspect of marketing their sportives and races and showcasing the cycling event artwork design, so it needs to be regularly updated for riders to always have access to the latest information.

As each event uses its own distinct visual identity, I have developed a way to use diverse imagery and colour schemes within the bounds of the velo29 brand and website.

Live GPS Tracking

The site also incorporates some other nifty features, like interactive route maps, event entry, rider manual downloads and even a system that allows riders to track support vehicles, live on the route, on the day of each event!

Live GPS tracking of cycling events on website
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Mega-menu Implementation

Mega-menus make a site more accessible and improve user engagement. As the cycling sportive event list is really extensive, I implemented a mega-menu on the site. When you have a lot of menu items, it can become unwieldy to simply have a really long list of items in a drop-down menu. Organising/splitting the content into sections makes the menu easier to navigate.  You can also better customise the menu for a variety of screen sizes.


Cycling Promotional Flyer Design
Velo Day sale artwork design

Promotional Artwork

I often create artwork for cycling promotions and sales or to highlight sponsor offers.

Black Friday Sale Artwork Design for cycling event company
20% OFF Black Friday Sale artwork design

Event Signage Designs

In addition to the event artwork, I also produce banners and signs to help the event run smoothly and keep cyclists riding in the right direction.

Cycling event sign designs
Velo29 logo

About Velo29 Cycling Events

Velo29 provides a unique blend of racing experience with a lifetime love of cycling into some of the most innovative and exciting cycle events.

From sportives to professional racing with everything in between, Velo29 bring you a full calendar of great fun, accessible to all great value cycling events.

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