Teen Organisation LOGO DESIGN

Logo created for the Teens Liberia Organisation.

Teens Liberia Logo Designer
Client: Teens Liberia

Skills: Logo Design + Illustration

Eyetooth.Design emblem
I was asked to create this logo for an organisation that provides support and advice for teens living in Liberia.
It was great fun working on the Teens Liberia Logo Design and concepts as I was given free rein and a very loose brief.

I’m thrilled with how it turned out, and that the client chose my favourite option – it doesn’t always go so smoothly!

LogoMark or Emblem Design

Creating the emblem was where I got to have the most fun with the teen organisation Logo Design. After catching a glimpse of something similar online, I decided to have a go at creating a face using a single line. I wanted it to be eye-catching but relevant to the organisation. I figured that an androgynous teenage African head would suit what they do well.

After sourcing reference images, I began to loosely draw around the face’s key features using my graphics tablet and pen. Once I was happy with the overall linework, I tidied the line-art illustration up to ensure the lines and curves all transitioned smoothly into each other and also played with the line weight to make it seem more organic.

Teens Liberia logo mark design
Logo Type create for an Oragnisation supporting teens

LogoType & Typography

The illustration of the logomark – created alongside the teen organisation logo design – heavily influenced the typography/logotype. The illustration of the logomark heavily influenced the logotype. I researched a wide range of fonts to see what would complement the emblem. I wanted to link up the type and face linework, to make an inclusive design for the full logo. I, therefore, had to customise the lettering so that it would flow well into the face line art.

Teens Liberia Logo long version

Long Logo Version

It is important to have different versions of the logo, to be used in different places. For example, website headers tend to restrict the available height of the logo area, so that the page content can easily be viewed. Due to this, I reworked the initial concept to create an extended version. It keeps all the branded elements while placing the words on a single line and ensuring that the line-art illustration of the head still flows neatly from the lettering.

Light & Dark Logo Variations

I created both light and dark versions of the logo so that they have a logo that will suit any background it needs to go onto.
Use the slider to compare them.

Eyetooth.Design emblem
Branded polo shirt design for Teens Liberia

Polo Shirt Design for Teens Liberia

Often, as part of the designs for a new brand, it is necessary to create artwork for things like clothing and other promotional material or merchandising.

These shirts incorporate a small embroidered logo on the front, and a more prominent emblem on the back, with custom-coloured sleeves and a collar to reinforce the brand colours.

Other Teen Organisation Logo Design Concepts

I always provide a range of concepts when creating a new logo or brand identity. Not only is this a way for me to try out different ideas, to see what works and what doesn’t, but it also provides several different approaches to the client. Sometimes, it’s right the first time, while other times the initial concepts spark other ideas.

Teens Liberia logo - Liberian flag concept
Teens Liberia logo - layered lettering concept
Teens Liberia logo - liberian colours angular concept

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