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BMCG is a firm that provides consultancy services for developers and managing agents.  They help manage a wide range of high profile buildings in London.

Bruce approached me to develop the BMCG website and create accompanying illustrations to highlight their services and portfolio of properties.

property management webpage mockups

BMCG website design

I created the BMCG website design and illustrations for a London-based company that provides consultancy services for developers and managing agents. The site needs to show BMCG’s range of services neatly and concisely. By planning and implementing everything carefully, it enables the website to work equally well on any device.

A specific colour was allocated to each service sector. We felt that this would make the site easier to reference. Using a neutral grey-blue colour scheme for the overall site design works well with a wide range of colours. It also brings a level of consistency throughout the site, linking all the pages and elements together.

The website was created using WordPress, while incorporating with a lot of custom design, to create something truly unique and bespoke to the client’s needs. WordPress allows for a lot of extra functionality to be implemented through the use of addons and plugins.

Interactive Web Design

See the BMCG site in action.

Responsive Design

When designing a site, you should always consider the layout on smaller screens to ensure that it works well on any device. Responsive website behaviour often needs custom code created to reorder elements and shuffle text and images into position.

A particular example of this was, being able to always force images above the text they accompanied. As the text and illustration layouts alternate from left to right – in the page sections, it meant that some of the images automatically wrapped underneath the text. The order of page elements made the site look messy when viewed on mobile devices.

That’s where Flexbox came in. It allowed me to create custom CSS to reorder particular elements based on different screen sizes and orientations.

Property Portfolio

I coded the BMCG portfolio page myself, rather than using the standard WordPress features. We were, therefore, able to precisely create what we wanted, rather than relying on generic built-in features. It was necessary to develop transition/animation effects to display the stats of each portfolio entry. The photos were also carefully edited and cropped in Photoshop. As each portfolio entry changes size and shape, depending on the size it’s being viewed at, the photos (and overlaid text) need to work equally well in square, portrait or landscape orientations.

Property portfolio webpage design
Line-art illustrations for a property development consultancy

Website Illustrations

Lineart property management consultancy illustrations.

Bespoke vector line illustrations were created for use throughout the BMCG website. Creating these images myself, rather than purchasing them from stock libraries, allowed me to ensure that they were consistent and applicable throughout the site. To keep them relevant, I met with the client to discuss each service or topic section and gather keywords and a general overview. I then created initial mockups, to get the style of illustration and broad contents approved, before getting stuck into each of the illustrations.

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