Security Company BRANDING & WEB DESIGN

Brand Identity, Logo, Graphic & Web Design done for Pagoda – a Security and Training Company in Brighton.

Security Company Web Design
Client: Pagoda Security Training Ltd

Skills: Branding + Logo Design + Web Design + Graphic Design

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The Pagoda Security Logo Design was featured as one of the ‘7 Best Blue Logo Designs‘ on the DesignRush website!

See what they said about it:

Pagoda Security’s logo design by Eyetooth Design uses blue perfectly to convey security and safety without being too intimidating.
The bold sans-serif font used to spell the brand conveys authority, with the simple logo design giving it a professional yet approachable touch. It’s simple and clean, with angular lines that make it look modern.

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Eyetooth Design are our go-to company for fast, flexible and professional work. We wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.

Simon Errey – Pagoda Security

I have been working with Pagoda Security for many years now, but recently overhauled their brand identity and website. This included creating a cohesive identity across their online presence, marketing material and signage around town and on their vehicles.
Pagoda Security Brochure Design
Pagoda Security Brochure Design

Security Company Branding

Pagoda Security has been trading for a long time now, so its branding needed a refresh to align better with how the company has grown and developed over the years. I removed some dated elements and went for a clean modern look while ensuring consistency across all their designs, whether online or printed materials.

The logo was simplified to a clean wordmark, that would easily work for both the security services and training courses they provide. I also created a lot of additional visuals, all based around strong angular lines, to help make the designs and artwork stand out while solidifying their branding and adding a modern touch to show the technical side of the business.

Pagoda had always used an inviting blue colour scheme along with a grid pattern, so I retained that but refined it further to allow more scope for variation within the designs.

Security Company Web Design & Branding

See the branded website and e-commerce booking system in action.

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Steve at Eyetooth Design has looked after us since we began trading in 2009! Over the years he has helped our business grow and played a vital part in the roll out of our staff news letters, the design features, promotional materials and of course the website which recently underwent a major overhaul with an e-commerce feature which now caters for all of our training courses that customers can book onto. This historically was a hugely time consuming task and has now freed up office staff to focus on other jobs. Steve listens, understands our business and what we are trying to achieve. He isn’t just a web designer or graphic designer alone, he brings with him great PR and marketing knowledge which helps us to lead our business. Lastly, while cost and price isn’t always the critical decision for us, Steve is probably the best value supplier we have found having enquired for others in the past to keep an eye on the market. Costs are all clear from the outset, no hidden surprises and he provides his service honestly with our interests at heart.

Lee Craig – Pagoda Security

Pagoda Security Company Website Designer

Web Design

I had created their old website about 10 years ago, so it was starting to look a little dated. The web design industry has been developing so fast recently that it’s more important than ever to revisit and revive old designs. As Lee wanted to create a new booking system for the security training course Pagoda has been running, I suggested doing a complete overhaul to modernise the site and create something truly spectacular that would better portray the company’s standing as a market leader in the industry.

I’m happy to say that he jumped at the idea and put a lot of trust in me to create the new online system and design for him. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Pagoda Security and I look forward to watching their meteoric rise.

The website was completely rebuilt from the ground up so that I could use all the latest code and functionality available. This allowed for a much more engaging appearance, better responsive behaviour on mobile devices and an entirely new e-commerce booking system.

During the website build, I incorporated a lot of interactivity and animation into the pages. This helps captivate visitors and keeps them engaged with the content.

Ecommerce Course Bookings

The initial reason for revisiting the website design was to allow Pagoda’s security training courses to be easily booked and managed online. By using systems and software built into the WordPress infrastructure I was able to create an easy booking system for customers, that also allows Pagoda’s staff to make changes and keep track of bookings all from within a single system seamlessly integrated into the website. A lot of booking systems take customers away from the site into a separate booking area, which makes for a disjointed experience, so I wanted to avoid that.

Security Training Ecommerce booking system design

As I am more of a visual designer than a backend developer, I felt it was important to use out-the-box systems while customising them to suit Pagoda’s needs. By doing this I was able to keep costs down, as custom development of a system like this can get super expensive. A large part of being a designer is problem-solving and finding solutions to tricky issues, so there are often compromises to be made and workarounds that need to be implemented. I will be working with Lee to further streamline the system in the future to ensure that it continues to make his life easier and reduce his workload, as the company continues to grow.

The courses all have an integrated calendar system for bookings and a simple payment system. I also set up automated emails, that are sent to each customer with further details of their courses once a booking has been made. By automating as much as possible, through the new site, frees up a lot of time usually spent on boring admin tasks allowing the staff to focus on what they do best.

Security company vehicle livery design

Signage & Vehicle Livery Design

After developing the security company branding during the website redesign, we started tackling other aspects like the Security Response vehicle signage, which was still using a lot of outdated elements. I worked with the printers providing artwork direction and revised brand elements and logos to make sure that all the vehicles were on brand, clearly recognisable with a striking yet professional appearance.

Pagoda provides its wide range of security services to companies and enterprises all over the South East, so all their sites must be clearly signposted.

By using consistently branded signage, they can reinforce their other marketing, while also engaging with the community to provide the best service possible.


Brochures, Newsletters and other Graphic Design

Their existing brochure was looking very dated, so I used the branding I had set up to create a new modern and engaging one. I also produce a quarterly staff newsletter and a variety of other designs for various purposes.

Pagoda Security Brochure Design

The company looks after their staff incredibly well, by providing systems to make time-keeping and staff work hours easier to manage as well as a host of other benefits for their employees, such as being a living wage employer and providing free training and career development opportunities to the valued workforce.

They are continuously gaining new accreditations for their brilliant work in the sector, so all this needs to be portrayed in an inviting and captivating way. That’s where the designer steps in…

Pagoda Security Branded Logo Design

Pagoda is the go-to security company in Sussex for its incredible service, renowned training and overall impeccable dependability!

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