Jewellery eCommerce WEB DESIGN and BRANDING

eCommerce Website & Branding created for Organik Mechanik’s sustainable & ethical jewellery.

Jewellery Web Design and Branding
Client: Organik Mechanik

Skills: Logo Design + Branding + Web Design + eCommerce

Eyetooth.Design emblem

Really pleased with my logo and website. Couldn’t have done it without Steve. He put alot of genuine time and expert knowledge into the design. Would highly recommend. Thanks Steve

Matilda – Organik Mechanik

I created this logo, brand identity and eCommerce website for some passionate jewellers who make some truly stunning handmade creations in an ethical and sustainable way.
Organik Mechanik textured logo design
Jewellery Store Branding & colour schemes

Logo Design & Branding

Organik Mechanik needed a refresh of their brand identity and logo as part of the revamp of their online presence. They wanted something striking and unique that would highlight the intricacy of their jewellery.

The logo emblem incorporates an O and M, with transitional lines merging the two letters. The typography used is clean but unique, as the letterforms have small stencil gaps and unusual spacing and linework.

The colour scheme needed to incorporate copper and skin tones, both of which are warm and inviting. There was a need for a splash/highlight colour, so I used oxidised copper as inspiration. Careful consideration was put into the tones of the colours to ensure that they all worked in conjunction with each other. This allows for the use of any combination of colours while retaining a powerful brand identity and keeping things fresh and inviting.

Jewellery eCommece Website Design for Organik Mechanik

Responsive & Interactive Web Design

The Jewellery eCommerce Web Design was meticulously designed so that all the elements and animations are tailored to each device’s screen size. This means that the site works equally well on mobiles, tablets and desktop screens. There is a lot to consider when creating an interactive website, with scrolling animation and movement throughout, as it all has to be customised to fit and reorder based on the available space on different devices.

Bespoke Jewellery eCommerce Web Design

See the interactive website and online shop in action.

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eCommerce jewellery online shop design

eCommerce Website Design

The key reason for refreshing their identity was to launch a new online shop, so once the logo design and general branding guidelines were in place, I got stuck in creating their eCommerce website.

By utilising WordPress and WooCommerce, I built a highly customised website while still allowing the customer to add products, manage orders and make edits and updates to the website and shop pages.

The website uses responsive elements designed to display perfectly according to all screens or devices. I also incorporated movement and animation to draw the eye in and engage users as they scroll through the products and site information.

There are a number of features that help customers easily find what they’re looking for. These include product filters, which allow customers to sort the jewellery by price, category and specific tags or search functionality to find a particular product.


Jewellery Shop Website design for Organik Mechanik
Jewellery Online Shop Webpage Design
eCommerce Payments Checkout Page Design

Online Shop Payments

The checkout process on the Jewellery eCommerce Web Design must be as intuitive and easy to use as possible, so I implemented a number of different payment gateways which are intelligently loaded based on the customer’s device setup. Therefore, if a customer is ordering via their iPhone to make a purchase and has Apple Pay set up, the checkout page automatically offers Apple Pay as the primary payment. While if someone is using an android device with Google Pay, or a laptop user with PayPal, those will load instead. Even if someone is on their desktop computer and wants to pay with their credit card, that works too! Providing customised options to make the buying process as easy and simple as possible results in more sales.

Social Media and Online Presence

The logo and branding are consistent throughout their online (and offline) presence. The branded artwork needs to reinforce their visual identity and keep things looking professional and fresh. Facebook and Instagram are their main focal points, so consistency was integral to creating standardised elements. Using striking header artwork with a circular emblem for the profile pic ensures consistency while highlighting products and their full logo.


Jewellery Shop Social Media Artwork

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