Merchandise Designs for Net Documents

Graphic Design work for a global cloud platform for law firms.

Net Documents Merchandise Design


Net Documents


Graphic Design +
Packaging Design +
Merchandise Design

I have done a bunch of work with Net Documents, but for this portfolio piece, I will be highlighting some jobs I did on their Press Kit packaging artwork and merchandising design.

Branded merchandise helps strengthen NetDocs brand identity and ensures that their name is at the forefront of their customers’ minds.

Branded Merchandise Designs

Branded Postits for NetDocs

Cloud-shaped post-it notes

Webcam cover design

Webcam cover design

Stress ball merch design

Cloud stress ball

Energy drink product packaging

Branded energy drink cans

Merchandising design

Branded Press Kit

The press kit design includes the box packaging, pen and pad design and cloud-shaped USB key.

Merchandise Press Kit Design
Branded pen & pad for Net Documents

Silver foil invite design

Reflective metallic ink invites for NetDocs Elevate conference.

Silver foil invite card design

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