Graphic Design work for a global cloud platform for law firms.

Merchandise designs for Net Documents
Client: Net Documents

Skills: Graphic Design + Merchandise Design + Packaging Design

Eyetooth.Design emblem

I have done a bunch of work with Net Documents, but for this portfolio piece, I will be highlighting some jobs I did on their Press Kit packaging artwork and legal merchandise design.

Branded merchandise helps strengthen NetDocs brand identity and ensures that its name is at the forefront of its customers’ minds.

CD cover design for Eden Parris
Album Design for Eden Parris

Branded Press Kit

The press kit design includes the box packaging, branded pen and pad legal merchandise design, and a cloud-shaped USB key.

Album Design for Eden Parris

The press kit box design incorporates imagery of clouds, along with on-brand assets to portray the global cloud platform for lawyers that NetDocs specialise in.

Album Design for Eden Parris

The notebook has a beautifully embossed ND logo on the front cover and a lovely smooth blue faux leather cover.  While the pen is a matching blue colour with a simple white along printed on the side.

Silver Foil Invite Design

Reflective metallic ink invites created for NetDocs Elevate conference.

CD front cover design for The Inbreaking by Eden Parris
Eyetooth.Design emblem
CD cover & booklet mockup for Eden Parris

Legal Merchandise Design for a Global Cloud Documents Firm

The branded post-it note and stress ball merchandising help advertise NetDocuments and keep their contact and website details within hand’s reach of their customers.

Eden Parris CD booklet spread
Lyric booklet design for Eden Parris

Energy Drink Can Artwork

NetDocs did something a little different by asking me to design a branded energy drink to be given away at the Elevate Conference.

Keeping their audience alert and engaged while plugging their brand identity at the same time.

Business Card & Web Cam Cover

With their business cards, they also wanted to provide a branded webcam cover.  This was to compliment the unrivalled security of their legal cloud platform.

Album booklet design for Eden Parris

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