Music Electronic PRESS KIT DESIGN

EPK website created for the songwriter L. Protector.

Music Electronic Press Kit Design for the songwriter L. Protector


L. Protector


Web Design + Music Design

Steve and Eyetooth Design have been amazing for me. The quality of their work and design bowled me over when I first saw my finished site. Their helpful and personal touch really went above and beyond when it came to any queries or technical questions I had, even a year later! I cannot praise Eyetooth Design highly enough and recommend them in an instance. Fantastic experience.

Alex (songwriter) – L. Protector

I created the L. Protector electronic press kit website for a Brighton based songwriter so that he could promote his music.  The site design features one-page navigation that allows a user to either scroll down the page or use the navigation to take them to an applicable section.

As the site is for a songwriter, it is essential to include a range of different media. These include being able to listen to his songs, watch videos, read reviews, view a gallery and easily access the album online.

The goal was to have a predominantly black and white site, to match the mood of the album. I added a bright splash colour as a sort of golden lining to highlight certain elements and juxtapose the dark colour theme.

EPK design for mobile devices

As with all websites these days, the press kit needs to be accessible and look great on all devices.  I created mobile versions for some sections, to accurately load a different layout for specific devices, allowing me to create a custom site that looks great no matter where it’s being viewed.

L. Protector Electronic Press Kit Design

L. Protector EPK

Please take a look at the Electronic Press Kit I created for L. Protector.

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