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Logo, Brand and Website Designs for Kay Gunn.

Kay Gunn Mediation and Coaching Brand and Website Design

Client: Kay Gunn

Skills: Logo Design + Branding + Web Design

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Web design & branding are important aspects of any mediation and coaching business, and I am confident that my skills in logo design, branding, and web design can help you achieve your goals. My work with Kay Gunn is a testament to my professionalism, creativity, and attention to detail. I approach every project with a focus on establishing a strong brand identity through logos, brand guidelines, marketing materials, and websites. I use WordPress to create websites that are easy to update and visually stunning. I am not afraid to experiment with imagery and ideas to find the perfect fit for your brand.  

My work with Kay Gunn’s website showcases my ability to create bespoke imagery that appeals to both corporate and individual clients. I am also adept at creating stationery designs that incorporate the brand identity in a cohesive and visually appealing way. Additionally, I can create bespoke icon sets that accurately reflect your service sector. My expertise in emblem and logo design can help you create a guiding light for your brand. Contact me today to discuss your mediation or coaching business website and logo design needs.

I’m delighted with Steve’s work with my logo and website. Steve’s been professional and patient throughout the process- his creativity and attention to detail have been spot on. I would highly recommend working with Steve.

Kay – Kay Gunn

Medition website designed for kay Gunn

Mediation and Coaching Web Design

When Kay Gunn reached out to me, I knew I had the opportunity to create something special for her mediation and coaching web design & branding. Starting with the logo and brand guidelines, I established an identity that truly reflects her business.

WordPress is my go-to platform for building websites. It’s packed with incredible features and allows my clients to effortlessly make updates to the content.

What really excites me is the chance to play with imagery and ideas, finding that perfect match for each client’s preferences and brand identity. For Kay Gunn’s website, I brought it to life with bespoke imagery that speaks to a corporate audience without being dull or generic.

WordPress website designed for a mediator and coach

Kay Gunn’s Mediation & Coaching Web Design

Take a look at the design and functionality of the website.

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Website design for a coaching business

Leadership Coaching & Mediation Services Visuals and Webpage Creation

I created a series of captivating abstract images for Kay Gunn’s Services web pages, carefully steering away from the mundane and generic portrayals of corporate workers in a typical office setting. Instead, we embraced an abstract approach that not only captivates the viewer’s attention but also intriguingly showcases the essence of each service on offer.

I curated a diverse collection of abstract images, each portraying distinctive glass-like structures that aptly represent the various service areas. To ensure a cohesive visual experience, I meticulously performed additional image editing using Photoshop, harmonizing all the images to appear as a seamless set.

Bespoke Icon Designs

After trying out a bunch of different stock library icons, we realised that none of them portrayed her services appropriately.

Often when trying to use existing icons, each set will have different styles, that don’t look cohesive, or they simply do not reflect a particular topic/service well enough.

Creating a bespoke icon set for use on the website allowed me to design a cohesive set of icons that works to reinforce the branding and to succinctly represent each service sector – without compromises needing to be made.
Mediation and coaching custom icon design
Bespoke icon design created for Executive & Leadership Coaching
Custom icon design for mediation
custom icon design fr equity, diversity and inclusion consultancy
Leadership development icon designer
Bespoke quote icon design
Stationery Design for a Mediator and Executive Coach

Stationery Design for a Mediator & Executive Coach

As part of Kay Gunn’s brand identity designs, I expertly crafted a diverse range of materials to establish a cohesive and professional image. This included a visually striking business card, an eye-catching invoice, and an elegant letterhead.

Additionally, I meticulously designed elements such as an email signature and thoughtfully crafted footers for digital presentations. Together, these elements harmoniously contribute to Kay Gunn’s brand identity, leaving a lasting impression on her clients.

I created Kay Gunn’s Logo and Branding for her mediation and coaching business. The design features clean typography and angular colour variations that complement the letter shapes.
Kay Gunn Mediation and Coaching Logo Design
Kay Gunn Mediation and Coaching Emblem Design

Emblem & Logo Design

The logo incorporates angled lines that work harmoniously with the lettering, symbolizing guidance and illumination. The lighter blue elements, angled at different degrees, adapt seamlessly to the logo and emblem layouts. In the full logo version, the lighter blue lines intersect the cross of the ‘A’, while in the emblem, they align with the slant of the ‘K’.

Kay Gunn Unleashing Human Potential Logo Design

Alternative Concepts for the Coaching & Mediation Logo Design

The initial brief was to use a green and orange colour scheme for the Kay Gunn logotype, while also incorporating design elements to break up the lettering and add some visual interest. After trying out a wide range of colour schemes, the final logo was transformed into blue tones to enhance its appeal among a corporate audience.

Angled lines logo design & branding
Arrow typographic logo design
Route map logo design

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