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Logo, Brand & Website Created for a Live Streaming Business.

Live Event Stream Logo and Website Design


Live Event Stream


Web Design + Logo Design

When coming together is more challenging than ever, Live Event Stream can help you keep in contact with people, share important moments and messages and retain your members.
Live Event Stream Logo - long version

Logo Design & Branding

The Live Event Stream brand and logo designs utilise bold type and a strong colour scheme along with a play button icon to represent the video and live streaming aspects.

A restricted colour palette of red and dark blue is used for the Live Event Stream Logo and Website Design.

The logo can, therefore, be used in a range of colour variations with both light and dark versions, while still being easily recognisable. It’s beneficial to have variants of the logo to use in different scenarios.

I also created standalone emblems to accompany the full logos. Having a separate logomark is super for retaining brand styles in small spaces, e.g. Social Media profiles.

Live Event Stream Logo - compressed version
Live Event Stream Logo Design - Dark coloursLive Event Stream Logo Design - Light colours
Socail Media Profile Arrow Emblem design
Socail Media Profile Circular Logo Design
Event Streaming Website Design
Presentation LiveStream Service Webpage Design

Live Stream Website Design

The designs for Live Event Stream’s Branding & Website were created with a limited budget and were needed as quickly as possible. The website design was completed in a couple of days! It’s essential to be able to work within any limitations and still produce decent work.

Even though the website was designed really quickly, it still stays on-brand, is fully responsive and includes some interactive features. For example, when you scroll down the page, the navigation remains at the top of the page, but the logo and layout are switched so that it allows more room for the page content.

While the content of the site is minimal, I was sure to include clear contact sections on every page to make it easy for prospective customers to get in touch.

Live Event Stream Social Media Designer

Social Media Artwork

When creating branding for a business, it’s essential to consider all the possible uses and placements of the brand elements. As you can see from the screenshot below, the Facebook page matches the branding of the website for a consistent online presence.

Live Stream Website Video

Check out the Live Stream Website in action.

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