Branding of Kevalier

Equestrian Product Branding & Graphic Designs for Kevalier.

Equestrian Product Branding & Graphic Designs for Kevalier




Graphic Design +
Logo Design +

I created the Equestrian Product Branding & Graphic Designs for Kevalier. This includes their brand identity and all associated marketing, including their logo, brochure, letterhead and exhibition stand.

Kevalier produces ryebiotic skincare products for equestrian and pet care.

Kevalier open cover booklet design mockup
Kevalier booklet inside page spread design
Kevalier brochure design
Kevalier square booklet cover design

Booklet / Brochure Design

The booklet design was created to introduce Kevalier and their products to their prospective clients. The brochure was one of the critical pieces in developing their brand identity. Careful consideration was put into the colour scheme – while it appears to be black and white, there is actually a lot more warmth and depth to the colours used.

Subtle nuances add class and sophistication to designs.

Kevalier letterhead design

Letterhead Design

I felt it was important to be able to use the logotype and emblem separately as standalone designs and I think it works to great effect here.  I kept with the subdued colour scheme but added some additional interest to the back of the letterhead paper by developing a tileable pattern, based on the equine emblem.

Kevalier branding & logo design

Logo Design & Typography

The logo emblem was based on the knight chess piece, as they are targeting equestrians and ‘Kevalier’ is derived from the French word ‘chevalier’ meaning knight.

I created custom typography for the logotype so that it is distinctly recognisable even when used without the logo emblem.

Product Packaging Design

Label designs for different sized containers and packaging.

Skincare product packaging design
Kevalier display stand artwork
Kevalier show stand design

Display Stand Design

While at trade shows, they have large printed panels displayed on their stand to highlight their products. This artwork shows a couple that I developed.

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