Logo and website designed for Josie Tarot.

Tarot logo and web design


Josie Tarot


Logo Design + Branding + Web Design

Tarot Logo and Web Design

I had worked with Josie on a bunch of projects in her previous roles before she set up Josie Tarot, so we already had an excellent working relationship established. I created this tarot logo and web design for her new venture and established the Josie Tarot brand identity along the way too.

I asked Eyetooth Design to create the brand look and feel for my new business. They worked with me on everything from business cards and flyer designs to making the whole website from scratch. Since then, the website has evolved with Eyetooth Design. They have been wonderfully inspirational and technically excellent.

Josie Jakub  – Josie Tarot

JOsie Tarot Spot Varnish Business Card Design

Spot Gloss Business Card Design

For the Josie Tarot business card designs, I wanted to do something a little different.  I opted for a spot UV finish, on square business cards, rather than the standard rectangular format.  The spot UV creates a glossy varnish over select areas of the card, resulting in a shiny finish that catches and reflects the light. Restricting the reflective finish to designated areas of the artwork help particular elements stand out and make the finished design pop! I created two variations for the business cards, with reversed colour schemes, for added visual impact.

Tarot Web Design

Take a look at the Josie Tarot website in action.

Tarot Web Design and Branding

The tarot web design began as a single-page website with a side menu that navigated to each section on the page.  It has evolved to incorporate an online shop, blog and team pages.  The online shop was created so that she could offer readings online in response to the COVID19 lockdown and social distancing. Josie can now offer readings online which can be booked and paid for via the website.

The business has already grown to include a new member of the team, so a meet the team page was created to introduce Natasha and provide short bios for them.  The blog page was implemented so that Jose could share useful thoughts on spirituality and psychic readings to keep her customers engaged and provide helpful info.

Tarot logo and web design
mobile ready responsive web design

Mobile-Ready Responsive Web Design

As a lot of websites are currently viewed on phones and tablets, so I designed a mobile-ready layout for the site to ensure that it was easily accessible. When loading the site on smaller screens, all of the page elements reorder themselves accordingly. The menu area also switches from the left of the page to the top and uses mobile-specific navigation.

Josie Tarot services webpage design
Divination services online shop design

Online Shop Created for Bookings & Payments

As part of the web design, I created an online ordering system so that payments and bookings can be made via the website. The booking system is designed to complement the online or video call tarot readings.

Tarot Online Shop Web Design

Website Contact Form and Testimonials

Online forms were added to the site, to allow customers to contact Josie quickly. The forms filter online messages through to her email so that she can respond promptly to queries or comments.

I also created a testimonials area to highlight customer reviews and add credibility to a relatively new business.

Website contact & order form design for Tarot readings

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