Technical Cooperation Booklet Design and Infographics created for the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Maritime Booklet Designer
Client: International Maritime Organisation (IMO)

Skills: Booklet Design + Infographic Design

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The IMO commissioned me to design a booklet for them, which incorporates a multitude of infographics to visually represent complex data and figures in an engaging manner.

The artwork needed to align with their branding while being fresh and new.  This meant that I had a lot of freedom to branch out with the design, while still needing to retain a cohesive brand identity with their other publications and artwork.

Our organization has been using Eyetooth Design for our typesetting projects for some years now. Anything we send is always completed professionally and ahead of deadline. Definitely our “port of call in a storm” to the point that other departments within our organization are asking for his details.

Susan Wilton – IMO (International Maritime Organisation)

Innovative Booklet Design

Introducing my innovative booklet design & infographics for the International Maritime Organization. This attention-grabbing booklet seamlessly transitions from digital to printed editions. The digital-first layout ensures captivating visuals while retaining functionality in print.

The page layouts are designed to work equally well for the digital/online edition or as spreads when folded in half as a printed booklet, with only minor editing needed. Each section of the booklet flows seamlessly, relatable yet distinct from one another.

By visually representing intricate concepts through clever design and meticulously planned infographics, the International Maritime Organization enhances engagement and fosters a better understanding of complex technical concepts.

Global map infographic design
Statistical figures infographic design

Creating the Infographics

Dive into the meticulously crafted infographics, simplifying complex content and presenting it in an easily understandable manner. Through extensive discussions, we carefully select and display data to maximize impact.

Map bar chart infographic creation
Pathway or timeline infographic artwork

I have worked with Steve on a recent publication, he is incredibly responsive, helpful and professional. Excellent work carried out in a superbly timely manner and to a very high standard.

Jamie Jones – GLoMEEP (department of the IMO)

Other Projects with the International Maritime Organisation

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) on a diverse range of projects.

From typesetting captivating books in Indesign to crafting intricate technical diagrams and charts in Illustrator, my work with the IMO has allowed me to continuously explore and expand my design skills. Creating distinctive logos for their diverse projects and departments, as well as developing comprehensive booklets and eye-catching infographics, has been an absolute delight. Working with an organization that values innovation and creativity has been an extraordinary experience, and I look forward to future collaborations.

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