Hove Building Company’s WEB DESIGN

Website Designed for Newman & Sons, a construction, renovation & landscaping company in Brighton & Hove.

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Newman & Sons


Web Design + Graphic Design

Excellent, Steve was very fast to respond built me a great website and edited it as much as needed to get it how we wanted. Very happy with our new site, would highly recommend Eyetooth Design.

Raul – Newman & Sons

I created this highly interactive website for Newman & Sons.  They needed a website that reflected their superior standard of work and to bring in a higher calibre of clientele.

Website Layout & Design

This Hove building company’s web design is based on a loose grid structure, but I made sure to add additional visual interest by off-setting some key page elements.

I have incorporated large background images, as design elements in their own right, while smaller content imagery and sections of copy help break the page up. This all combines to cleverly portray Newman & Son’s construction and renovation services in an inviting way.

Online Interactivity & Animation

Once the layout and responsive design for the site had been established, I established the animation and interactive elements to really make it shine.

These predominantly consist of scrolled based animations, so page elements appear and animate as a user scrolls through the site. They keep the user engaged by drawing the eye and encouraging scrolling through all the info.

The animation uses a variety of styles, including sliding motions, opacity changes and even 3D transitions!

Interactive Web Design for a construction business

See the website’s interactivity and animation in all its glory.

Hove Building Company's Web Design

Mobile Ready Design & Responsive Behaviour

It should be standard practice to code a site to be mobile-ready/optimised to display differently according to each device it is being viewed on, but this can be done to varying levels.

For the Newman & Sons website, I meticulously edited each section to ensure that both the element orders, layout and interactive animations were tailored to each device or screen size.

One example of this is the way the header changes for smaller screens. Not only are some elements removed and the hamburger style menu implemented, but even the logo itself changes to a simplified version which allows for a slimmer header.

There will be more added to the Newman & Sons website to highlight their incredible work and projects soon…

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