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Brand Identity Designs for a holistic therapy business in Brighton.

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Logo Design + Web Design + Graphic Design

Steve knew exactly what was required. He was very patient and kind. His work is amazing and very professional and I’m so happy with the results and can’t recommend him highly enough.

Lucia White – Gypsophila Holistics

Gypsophila Holistics logo long

Holistic Brand Identity Design

The first step to any powerful brand identity is to create a striking logo. Once this was created, I could focus on colour schemes and other brand elements for the Holistic brand identity design. I find that fine-tuning the brand identity as you establish marketing material and website design is an excellent way to ensure that it has real-world implications and works well with the required content.

Due to the name Gyposphila (which are small white flowers otherwise known as baby’s breath), there is a fair amount of flowery imagery used in the brand. As well as reinforcing the name of the business, it also highlights natural products, a sense of calm and natural remedies.

Creating the Logo

I then hit the drawing board to begin work on her logo. After trying out various ideas, I realised that the initial concept was not going to work, as it would have been too detailed and therefore not look good at smaller sizes. It’s important not to be too precious about your initial ideas and give honest feedback to the client, which allows you to both reassess things for a much better, finished product.

So, we settled on a design for the logo, which incorporated aspects of the name ‘gypsophila’ (baby’s breath flower), while also making it captivating and versatile for different uses.

Gypsophila Holistics emblem

Holistics website design

Get interactive with the Gypsophila website.

Gypsophila Holistic website design example

Gypsophila Holistics Web Design

I used WordPress to build the site for Lucia so that she could make minor updates herself. It is also an excellent platform to extend the versatility of a website for SEO and other optimisation.

It is crucial to get a site professionally designed as there is a lot to consider when setting up a website. Everything from image optimisation, responsive behaviour of the pages and page load speeds needs to be considered. In addition to that, ensuring that the design is functional, captivating and inviting to potential clients is a must.

Interactivity really helps a site to stand out. By using scroll activated animations, it is possible to draw people’s attention to areas you want to highlight while keeping them engaged with your content.

I decided to use a slightly unconventional menu layout, with the logo in the centre, to help make the web page navigation stand out. The menu also reformats and resizes itself when a user scrolls down. By shrinking the menu, it allows the header to remain at the top of the page while allowing more space to view the content.

You can take a look at the Gypsophila Holistics website design here.

It was a pleasure to work with Lucia. Check out her website and get in touch with her for a fantastic massage or other holistic treatments.

Gypsophila Holistics gift card design

Graphic Design & Marketing

In addition to the work mentioned above, I also created other print-based marketing to drum up some new business. These needed to tie in with the colour scheme and feel of the website for brand consistency. I added a few new creative flares to the print designs, to keep them looking fresh and exciting, while still retaining a consistent brand identity.

Gypsophila Holistics logo
special offer flyer design

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