Gas & Boiler Services WEB DESIGN

Website Designed for CGBS Ltd – Commercial Gas & Boiler Services.

Gas & Boiler Services Web Design

Client: CGBS Ltd

Skills: Web Design + Branding

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Website Redesign

CGBS asked me to rebrand their business to better portray themselves as the market leader that they are.

Overhauling their website was a large part of the rebrand, so I completely redesigned their online presence from the ground up to be more dynamic, engaging, user-friendly and modern.

Steve at Eyetooth Design has been absolutely amazing in implementing our rebrand and new website design. We now have a website that is widely regarded as one of the best in our industry. Every single feature we wanted implemented has been done with great ease and success, Steve has even made other additions that we never could have thought of…

The CGBS Team

Modern Website Redesign

Their old site was in dire need of updating with a professional touch to the design. As I had already carried out their rebrand I was in the perfect situation to create a stunning website for them.

I used a bunch of new techniques to make them an outstanding site, full of beautiful graphics, incredible user experience and impeccable accessibility via responsive design for all devices.

Gas & Boiler Services Web Design

See the website and its features in all its glory.

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Gas & Boiler Services Web Design Features

Below are a few of the design features I implemented to make the Gas & Boiler Services Web Design stand out and surpass its competitors:

  • Intelligent Responsivity – Responsive design should be a standard process these days, but I go above and beyond to ensure that the site is truly tailored to each device.  This means that layouts are extensively tweaked based on the content in each section to ensure they display equally well everywhere.
  • Mega Menu – This allows their services drop-down menu to list a wide array of items concisely and neatly, rather than having a very long dropdown list.  This helps customers find what they are looking for quickly and easily.
  • Interactive behaviour – Subtle movement and interactivity on a site, help draw customers in and keep them engaged as they scroll through your content.
  • Content Management System – A CMS helps customers update and manage content on their site themselves.

Branded Website Design

As I had already rebranded the company logo and created their brand guidelines, the website needed to tie in with their other marketing artwork. I ensured that I could use similar styling, typography and colour schemes so that the website is immediately recognisable and stands out with beautiful design while tieing in seamlessly with the CGBS style.


Branded Website Design for a Commercial Gas Company
Responsive Website Design for a Gas Services Company

Responsive Design

The site needs to work equally well on all devices, so each area of the website is carefully coded and customised for different screen sizes. The responsive behaviour of each element needs to be coded depending on the device it is being viewed on.

Online Animations & Interactivity

I created some interactive elements such as the header area which allows the logo to scroll up and disappear, showing a smaller emblem and contact buttons beneath it. This means that the menu is still visible and usable but does not take up as much of the screen space while reading the page content, while also prompting potential customers to get in touch.


Commercial Gas and Boiler Services Branding Designs

I also created a lot of their offline branding, so check that out too.

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