Gas & Boiler Services BRAND DESIGN

Branded Artwork Designs for Commercial Gas & Boiler Services Ltd (CGBS).

Gas & Boiler Services Brand Design




Logo Design + Branding + Signage Design + Business Card Design

I created the following artwork after being asked to redesign and revitalise the logo and branding for Commercial Gas & Boiler Services Ltd.

The first step in producing any branded artwork is to focus on the logo, which is the cornerstone of all visual marketing.

The first hurdle to overcome was the incredibly long business name. I, therefore, suggested using the acronym of CGBS, sourced a new domain name and began work on the designs…

Van Sign Design

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the branding project was creating signage for their vehicles. The van livery designs (along with the business cards) helped me cement their visual identity’s style, elements and layouts. The logo was just the first step in producing a cohesive and striking brand identity.

Vehicle Livery Design Features

It’s too easy to simply plonk a logo and contact details onto a work vehicle. I opted to do something more interesting by using a stylised version of the logo emblem (gas flame) to split the van in two. I believe this makes for incredibly striking visuals, by making the entire front section of the van turn blue and incorporating a large visual that pulls the eye to the all-important contact details, logo and list of services.

Mercedes Sprinter van livery design
Gas Company Van Signage Design

Company Stationery Design

For the business cards, I continued the theme of the van, by incorporating a large emblem that splits the card in two and adds a striking splash of colour.  The contact icons were also created, to save space and help break up the text with clear visual representations of each contact method.

By adding a raised spot gloss on certain areas of the cards, adds both a tactile and interactive feel to what is normally a very static medium.  The raised areas, mean that they can be felt while holding the card and the gloss laminate allows those areas to catch and interact with the light to catch the eye.

Teens Liberia Logo Design long version
Branded polo shirt design for a commercial gas company

Branded Uniforms & Clothing Artwork

Another important aspect of their branding is displaying their business’ visual identity on their work clothing and uniforms.
This helps any passers-by know who they are and extends their reach as an outstanding company.

Teens Liberia Logo Design long version

Whether it’s work shirts, hard hats, high-viz vests or anything else, they need to be clearly marked with the company logo and contact details (where viable).

Teens Liberia Logo Design long version

New vs Old Logos

Compare the New & Old Logo Designs by swiping the image.

CGBS primary full colour logo designCommercial Gas & Boiler Services Old Logo Design

Gas Company Logo Design

Last but not least, we come to the all-important logo!

Lots of thought and experimentation was put into the logo (and the rest of the Gas & Boiler Services Brand Design) to get both the typography, colour scheme, emblem and other aspects just right.

I also produced a wide range of different versions (colours variations, sizes etc.), to ensure that CGBS always have an applicable logo to use, no matter what scenario they find themselves in. Often single colour versions need to be used when there is no control over the background colours (see the clothing above). Different sizes and layouts are also required when space is restricted (e.g. social media profile pictures, responsive website headers etc.).

Below are just a few of the logo variations I produced as part of the CGBS logo pack.

CGBS primary full colour logo design
CGBS compressed/small single colour dark logo design
CGBS logo emblem design light on dark circular background

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