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EnviroExperts-Africa provides independent, customised environmental consulting & services to all sectors in the African market. It’s a pleasure to work with them on this and their other ventures (Waste me not & Zero Waste Consultancy), as I am part of doing something productive for nature and our planet.  They’re the true superstars though. :)

Our personal experience with Eyetooth has been a good one. With all of our requests we have never been disappointed with the service provided to us. Our company website design has received multiple compliments on the user-friendly navigation.

– Alicia Dauth – EnviroExperts-Africa

EnviroExperts-Africa logo design

Logo Design & Branding

I created the logo as a circular emblem, which incorporates a map of Africa encompassed a green leaf with droplets of water. By also using a green and dark brown colour scheme this immediately portrays what EnviroExperts Africa does.

To create a stronger visual identity for the environmental consultancy branding, I used irregular shapes for images and content areas. The irregular shapes helped to move away from the standard forms (rectangles or circles, etc.) used in the majority of design projects. Even though the shapes are quite angular, they still have an organic feel to them, further enhancing the company’s work sectors.

EnviroExperts Branding & Web Design

Watch a video showing the key aspects of the environmental consultancy’s website & branding.

Bespoke Web Design

The custom made website was created with the brand elements front and centre. I wanted to site to be a little unconventional, so used unusual shapes for the images and content areas. This helps to create a more immersive experience, with overlapping elements creating a sense of depth.

Careful consideration was put into the placement of the key areas. The logo and navigation are left-aligned in the browser window, while the content is spread out in the remaining space.

With movement and interactivity incorporated into the site, it helps engage the viewer and entice them into visiting other pages. The menu items both rotate slightly and have small arrows fly out from the text, while buttons on the site show an internal shadow which makes them look like they are being pressed/indented into the page.

Even though I created this site way back in 2016, I still think it holds up pretty well, due to the use of carefully considered responsive design and coding to create a unique visual experience on any device.

Environmental Consultancy Web Design

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