Logo, Brand Identity, Stationery and Website created for RS Connections.

Electrican Website Designer who created RS Connections

Client: RS Connections Electrical Contractors

Skills: Logo Design + Branding + Graphic Design + Web Design

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I used my Electrical Website Design Services and Logo Design Experience to create a stunning brand identity and online presence for RS Connections.

High Voltage Designs Wire Your Brand to Spark!

From electrifying logos to voltage-packed websites, I ensure your branding stays charged and your business never short-circuits.

For electricians, a logo that sparks recognition, branding that illuminates trust, and a website that powers up customer engagement can make your business the bright spot in a crowded market.

Currently setting up my business branding with Steve. Logo design, business cards and website. Very professional in working with you to deliver exactly what you want he’s a pleasure to work with.

Lewis – RS Connections / South Coast Access

Electrical contractor logo design

Logo and Brand Identity 

Sparking Up RS Connections’ Look

I gave RS Connections’ old logo a shockingly good makeover, fixing its issues and boosting its visual appeal.

Looking to zap some life into your brand?

My affordable electric branding and logo design services are just what you need!

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Electrician logo designer for RS Connections
Branded electrical icon designer
electrical faivon design for RS Connections branding

Electrical Contractors Web Design

Shock and Awe: Our Electrifying Web Designs!

Get a jolt out of our stylish web layouts with cleverly overlapping elements that’ll make your competitors see sparks!

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Web Designer for electrical contractors

Electrical Website Design Services

Powering Up RS Connections Online: Charged-Up Website Design

I’ve wired up a dynamic, responsive website for RS Connections, using overlapping elements that add depth and a spark of excitement. It not only looks inviting but showcases all their electrical services with a bang!

Electrician web design
Electrical Contractor business card design
Electrician business card designer

Electrical Company Stationery Design

Charged-Up Business Cards: Make a Lasting Impression!

Continuing the brand vibe from the other artwork, the business cards feature bold emblems and electrifying details that make them as eye-catching as a lightning strike. No more boring cards—these ones pack a punch!

Electrician van signage design
RS Connections van artwork
Electrical Vehicle Sign Artwork Design

Electrician’s Van Livery Design

Turn Heads on the Road: RS Connections’ Electrifying Van Artwork!

I’ve electrified RS Connection’s vans with artwork that’s as sleek as a Tesla and as eye-catching as a neon sign at night. It’s all about ensuring the signage stand out like a beacon in the electrical world!

Electrical contractor van livery design mockup
Old LogoNew logo

Old vs. New Logo Design

From Meh to Magnificent: See the Shocking Transformation!

Compare RS Connections’ old and new logos—you won’t believe the power of a professional touch! I’ve turned a dull spark into a blazing fire with consistent typography, scalable formats, and designs that pop like fireworks!

Disadvantages of the Old Logo Design

The concept behind the old logo that Lewis had done previously was strong but the implementation left a lot to be desired.  See some of the reasons it was not suitable for him to use below:

  • Inconsistent lettering & typography
  • Lack of a comprehensive logo pack
  • Non-vector format leading to scalability issues
  • Poor spacing and sizing
  • Solid background limiting placement options

Advantages of the New Logo Design

I kept the original concept, but greatly improved the logo, by enhancing the following aspects:

  • Consistent lettering & typography for improved readability
  • Complete logo pack with various layouts and color options
  • Vector format for clarity at any size
  • Enhanced spacing and sizing for a more appealing look
  • Transparent backgrounds for versatile placement
Branded t-shirt design for an electrician's business

Branded Uniform Designs

Look Sharp, Work Smart: RS Connections’ Branded Apparel

Branded t-shirt designs aren’t just clothes—they’re walking billboards! Who says spreading your brand has to be a shock to your system? Let your clothes do the talking (and the promoting)!

RS Connections Electrical Contractors logo designer and brand specialist


So, whether you’re revamping your logo, electrifying your website, or decking out your vans and stationery, I’m here to make your brand shine brighter than a lightning bolt! Let’s spark some creativity together and give your electrical business the shockingly good look it deserves. Get charged up with our electrician web design, logo and branding services.

Electrify Your Brand & Website!

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