CD Cover Design for the Inbreaking album by Eden Parris.

Album cover design for The Inbreaking by Eden Parris

Client: Eden Parris

Skills: CD Cover Design + Music Design

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I created the Eden Paris CD cover design and booklet for his album ‘The Inbreaking’. Working with him on this was a pleaseure, tweaking the artwork, trying out new ideas and experimenting with the layout and typefaces. We’re both really pleased with how it turned out.

CD cover design for Eden Parris
Album Design for Eden Parris

Album Cover Artwork & Concept

We wanted to achieve a sense of depth and captivating lighting of the trees with an enhanced starry night sky, while the text needed to be subtle and stylish.

For the back cover, I created the concept of white light burning through the artwork to help illustrate the album title ‘The Inbreaking’. As a result, this also helped differentiate between the front and back covers, which used the same photo for consistency.

The inside panels of the foldout cd cover were designed as one long continuous panel. The open cd cover design works particularly well with the cd nestled into the same background photo used on the cd itself.

CD coverlay inlay design for Eden Parris

Album Cover Design

Get a clear view of the gatefold CD cover, showing the underlit trees and starry sky.

CD front cover design for The Inbreaking by Eden Parris
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CD cover & booklet mockup for Eden Parris

Image Enhancement & Retouching

Eden had sourced some fantastic photography for the album cover. With a bit of subtle retouching, it was able to really pop. I retouched the original cover photo to enhance the stars and to give the upper tree leaves more contrast against the night sky. I also strengthened the red glow of the tree trunks to make them even more striking.

Eden Parris CD booklet spread
Lyric booklet design for Eden Parris

The accompanying photos for the booklet of the artist and forest scenes were taken by a different photographer. He did a superb job of capturing the lighting and continuing the theme of the cover image. I carried out some image retouching to enhance these photos to work well with the layout and text overlays. The image editing included cropping them and creating depth of field, blur effects and lighting edits to enhance the lyrics and focal points.

Lyric Booklet Design

The lyric booklet was a core aspect of the design. Even though the original photos were great, work was still needed to ensure that all the text was consistent throughout the booklet to keep it legible over the imagery. Careful consideration was put into which image fitted the space around each song’s lyrics.

Album booklet design for Eden Parris

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