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Ed Batty Mortgage Branding Design and Logo Design


Ed Batty Mortgages


Branding + Logo Design + Graphic Design

The Ed Batty Mortgage Branding needed to be bright, inviting and modern. Ed wanted the logo emblem to incorporate a bat and a house, so we settled on this, which is a combination of a bat’s wing and a house roof. The brand also has to portray the three main areas of his mortgage broker business – Mortgages, Protection & Equity Release.

Very pleased with the outcome of my new business logo, I asked for several different versions and colour variations, Steve designed and prepared what I needed quickly, incorporating a number of changes as we went along. I recommend Steve and Eyetooth design, very happy with the results.

Ed – Ed Batty Mortgages

Mortgage Brand Identity Design

The Ed Batty brand elements need to work on many different levels. Careful attention was put into producing a range of logos (for use in alternate spaces and scenarios), as well as ensuring the logo works on both transparent and coloured backgrounds.

The see-through sticker shows how the logo works just as well on its own as placed on the blue pinstripe pattern.

Ed Batty Mortgages sticker design
Teens Liberia Logo Design long version

Branded Stationery Artwork

One of the first steps in establishing a brand is creating the business stationery (business cards & letterhead). While I had already established the core brand elements when I started on the stationery, the business card and letterhead designs, helped me refine the branding for use in the real world and ensure that it reads well in a range of sizes and layouts.

The business cards were created in a range of colour schemes, relating to the mortgage services Ed offers. The printing uses an embossed spot varnish for the logo to give the cards that extra wow factor!

I created vector icons, which are used on both the stationery and website, for consistency throughout the marketing.

Ed Batty Mortgages Brand Guidelines Booklet

Brand Guidelines Booklet

As Ed had already commissioned another company to create his website, it was essential to produce a set of guidelines to ensure consistency throughout all of his marketing designs.

The mortgage brand guidelines relate to all of the brand elements I created. They cover everything from the usage of colour schemes, background elements, logo variations, typography and more. Not having well-thought-out usage guidelines will often result in a messy approach to the various designs and incohesive marketing.

A lot of thought was put into ensuring that everything would work for both print and online media. The colours were specially chosen so that there was no difference between RBG and CMYK colour schemes. The pinstripe background pattern and gradients were designed to be both subtle and bright.
Happy accidents sometimes occur while experimenting with designs and layouts for branding. I noticed that when the pinstripe pattern, is overlaid on to the gradient background it creates a bit of an optical illusion when viewed at certain angles, which transforms it into a diamond/triangular pattern.

Logo Colour Variations

There are three colour variations created for the three core services provided. The colour schemes help differentiate them while still retaining the overall brand ethos for the mortgage company.

Ed Batty Mortgages and Protection Logo Design

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