Logo, Brand Identity and Website created for TwentySix.

TwentySix Consultancy Firm Brand and Website Design

Client: TwentySix

Skills: Logo Design + Branding + Web Design

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The TwentySix Consultancy Firm entrusted me with the creation of their logo, brand identity and website. They specialize in providing benchmarking and reward services to organizations, offering thoughtful and accurate benchmarking data and market intelligence.
TwentySix Logo Design for a consutancy firm
Jewellery Store Branding & colour schemes
Jewellery Store Branding & colour schemes

Logo Design

The challenge in creating the TwentySix logo was to combine the numbers ‘2’ and ‘6’ into an emblem that embodies the concept of infinity. This involved generating a range of concepts and refining them through extensive discussions and brainstorming sessions with the client.

Brand Colour Scheme

Although the primary colour was blue, with yellow or gold accents, selecting the perfect shades required meticulous consideration.

When it comes to creating a visually captivating brand, understanding the intricate relationship between colors is essential. By nailing down the perfect color scheme from the start, you guarantee a harmonious blend of all elements, resulting in a powerful and cohesive marketing presence. The significance of selecting a color palette that seamlessly transcends both digital and print mediums cannot be overstated as certain colors can appear differently depending on whether they are represented in RGB (online) or CMYK (print) color values.
TwentySix Consultancy Website Design - Responsive Design Mockup

Transforming the Consultancy Website Design for TwentySix

In collaboration with TwentySix, I meticulously crafted a website design that reflects their established brand guidelines and captures their unique essence. Our goal was to create an immersive digital experience that serves as a captivating introduction to the company, showcasing their exceptional services and offering valuable industry insights through curated articles.

To keep users engaged, I seamlessly integrated subtle animations throughout the design. From captivating hover-based animations on clickable menu items and service icons to smooth scroll-based transitions for backgrounds and textures, every element has been thoughtfully designed to enhance the overall user experience.

TwentySix Consulting Website

Check out the design and functionality of the website.

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Bespoke Illustration for Icon Designs

A core aspect of the brand identity is the creation of captivating illustrations that effectively convey complex ideas. We believe in going beyond the ordinary and avoiding generic line-art graphics. I was provided with some examples of the desired style, and from there, unleashed my creativity to devise various illustration styles.

Once I had developed a unique style, it was time to bring my clients’ services to life through a collection of distinctive icons. These icons were meticulously crafted using keyword prompts provided by our clients. Utilizing these keywords, I turned abstract concepts into visual masterpieces that artfully represented each service offered.

My bespoke illustration services empower brands to communicate their core values and offerings in a visually captivating manner. Let our creative expertise elevate your brand and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Pay Benchmarking illustrated icon
Bespoke illustrations for Diversity Rewards
Bespoke Illustrated icon design for Agile Strategies
Reward Consulting custom emblem design
Market Insights abstract icon illustration
Abstract illustration for website icons
Building Frameworks unique illustration styles
Reward Comparison bespoke icon style

Alternative Concepts for the Logotype and Emblem

When developing a brand identity and logo, exploring various ideas and concepts is essential. Here are some initial drafts that played a part in shaping the final logo and branding for TwentySix.

TwentySix Consultancy Infinity logo design concept
TwentySix Consulting logo design clean concept
TwentySix Consulting logo design alternative concept
TwentySix Consultancy logo design alternative concept

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