Branding, Restaurant Menu Design, Food Packaging & Signage Created for Burger’Box in Seaford.

Burger takeaway branded graphic design

Client: Burger’Box

Skills: Branding + Logo Design + Graphic Design

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Cannot recommend this company enough! Steve is very responsive and professional with his work and in general.
Thanks once again Eyetooth Design.

Afsar – Burger’Box

Burger'Box takeaway banner design

Restaurant / Takeaway Menu Design

The Burger’Box takeaway menu design was created using the brand guidelines I set up when making their logo. It only uses two colours (clean white info on a warm black background) for a modern, striking & bold appearance.

Keeping the menu uncluttered and focusing on a great layout, while utilising subtle elements to tie in with the logo, keeps it all easy to reference and on-brand.

Extra care and attention need to be paid to the typography and layout of minimalist designs, as spacing issues are much more noticeable than on artwork that uses a lot of imagery.

Food Packaging Design

Branded burger box packaging artwork and layout.

Burger Box Branded Packaging Design
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Steve is very professional with his work and I can’t highly recommend him enough he’s very friendly and polite and he brings your imagination to real life if you’re looking to create a logo and menu don’t look elsewhere use Steve Cartwright you won’t be disappointed.

Ashraf – Burger’Box

Burger Restaurant Logo Design & Branding

When Afsar and Ashraf contacted me about creating the logo for their new takeaway called Burger’Box, they had already been playing around with some ideas. However, they needed a professional designer to breathe life into their rough drafts. So after a brief discussion, I began work on some concepts based on the examples and information they gave me.


Burger emblem design sticker

The idea was to make a typographic logo (white on black) to be encompassed by a box. I decided that it would be great to work some imagery of a burger and a box into the typography. After rummaging through my font collection, I began experimenting with ideas to see where I could include the imagery, which resulted in a range of ideas/concepts.

Once they had chosen their favourite logo layout, I finalised and tidied up the concept design, so that it would look incredible everywhere. Creating their logo as a vector allows them to use it at any size while keeping it crisp and clear. Their menu, signs and social media (or any other marketing artwork) will not compromise quality.

Custom Typography for Burger'Box emblemBase font chosen for burger takeaway branding

Compare the custom typography and illustration used to create the burger takeaway emblem design to the base font.

See the difference between the final logo and the font used as a basis for the designs. The font is used as part of the branded designs, such as the menus.

Takeaway sign design & layout

Takeaway Sign Design

Sign artwork and layout created for the Burger’Box takeaway & restaurant.

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Other Burger Logo Designs, Ideas and Concepts

I always create a range of initial logo concepts so that they can choose their favourite elements or styles which are fine-tuned to their preferences to get the perfect logo for their business. Here are a few to illustrate the various concepts that I designed.

Burger logo typography
Burger'Box square logo concept
Teens Liberia logo - liberian colours angular concept

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