Logo, Brand, Certificate & Brochures Created for Bodium Training in Dubai.

Effective Brochure Design for a training company
Client: Bodium Training

Skills: Graphic Design + Branding + Logo Design

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Dive into the world of sophisticated design crafted specifically for a premier car detailing training company in Dubai.

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Effective Brochure Design Services
Effective brochure design services for car detailing training company

Bodium Training Brochure Design Project

Delivering effective brochure design services for a premier car detailing training company.

I designed two distinct brochures to proficiently showcase Bodium’s primary training courses – Paintless Dent Repair & Paint Protection Film.

These brochures were meticulously crafted to exude sophistication while ensuring seamless access to vital information. They were also optimized for online sharing via platforms like WhatsApp, requiring versatility in formats and sizes.

Paintless Dent Repair Training Brochure Designed for Bodium

The Logo Design

Bodium Training’s logo was meticulously crafted for a car bodywork repair and protection training company in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Chrome effect logo design for Bodium Training
Eyetooth.Design emblem
The Bodium Training logo was designed for a car bodywork repair and protection training company in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
Bodium Training branded emblem design
Long version of the Bodium Training logo design

Emblem & LogoType

The emblem and logotype for Bodium Training were conceptualized to function as both a chrome emblem reminiscent of a car hood ornament and in the brand’s dark blue colour palette. Given the end-use of the products primarily being for owners of high-end vehicles, the logo was designed to complement various vibrant background colors inspired by sports car paintwork.

Car Detail and Repair Training logo design and branding
Car Detail and Repair Training logo design and branding
Car Detail and Repair Training logo design and branding

Alternative Concepts for Car Detailing and Protection Training Logo Design

As part of my logo design process, I explore multiple concepts to provide clients with a diverse array of options, facilitating informed decisions on design direction.

car training logo with circular emblem
Paint Protection Film training company logo
Paintless dent repair training logo design
Bodywork repair training logo design

Branded Certificate Design

Bodium Training sought certificates for course attendees, to be issued in both print and digital formats.

The certificates are easily editable digitally, ensuring consistency and elegance in presentation while eliminating concerns about legibility due to handwritten entries. Custom border and corner elements were crafted to reflect Bodium Training’s unique identity.


Branded Training Certificate Design

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