Aromatherapy & Shamanic Healing BRAND DESIGN

Logo, Branding & Website created for Prescriptions for Wonder.

Shamanic healing web design

Client: Prescriptions for Wonder

Skills: Logo Design + Branding + Web Design + Graphic Design

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Arianne needed a beautiful website to market her aromatherapy oils and shamanic practice services.  As with all new enterprises, the first steps were to discuss her business and decide what direction to take her brand identity in.  After some initial discussions, I set to work creating her logo in various sizes & layout for a range of purposes, and then further developed her brand while creating her website.

Logo Design

Arianne’s favourite flower is the blue iris, so I set to work sourcing reference images and gathering ideas, before putting together the logo shown here.  She loved the iris design from the get-go, so we just had to try out a range of typefaces for the logo wordmark.

As with any logo design, it’s important to consider all the spaces and uses of the logo to ensure that there is brand consistency throughout all of the marketing.  The logo needed to be used for a wide variety of marketing, such as labels, postcards, website and social media profiles, each of which has specific constraints or criteria that need to be adhered to.

Shamanic Healing Branding
Essential Oils Branded Banner Artwork
Aromatherapy Brand Design


I decided to keep a relatively neutral blue and clean white colour scheme for the Aromatherapy & Shamanic Healing Brand Design. This was initially influenced by the blue flag iris, which everything was based on, but also because of the sense of calm and order that blue denotes. Often restricting the colour scheme of predominant elements, means that you can easily bring in splashes of colour, without having horrible clashing colours.

What works well for one business often can’t be used for another business, so it’s important to understand the client and their business and then tailor the brand identity to suit.

Shamanic Counselling & Aromatherapy website designer

Aromatherapy Web Design

The website for her Aromatherapy and Shamanic Practices was an important aspect of the branding project. COVID restricts seeing customers face-to-face, so she must have a strong online presence and a way to engage with her customers.

The site is designed using WordPress, which provides excellent content management so Arianne can easily update small aspects of her site herself. I incorporated some scroll-based animations to draw users in and encourage them to interact with the site.

I also positioned elements in a non-linear way by avoiding the typical grid system that is all too often used on websites. I feel that this encourages viewers to scroll down and read the content, as it is displayed in a less conventional but still visually appealing way.

The homepage is the most commonly visited area of a site, so it should provide enough information to encourage people to click through to find out more. This shows all the key information about the business in an accessible and straightforward way. With clear call-to-action elements, it also drives bookings, orders and customer engagement.

As Arianne is an artist, the site also includes a blog, where she can share her incredible photography and poetry.

Aromatherapy and Shamanic Web Design
aromatherapy products online shop design
Essential Oils Ecommerce Store Design

Online Shop / E-commerce Web Design

An important aspect of most business websites is an online shop. With the changes that COVID has forced upon us, it is essential to be able to sell your products online.

The online shop I created – as part of the Aromatherapy & Shamanic Healing Brand Design – makes it easy for customers to make payments and alerts Arianne when it’s time to post one of her Essential Oil products or beautiful flower photography postcard packs.

Ensuring that the website and eCommerce store is easily accessible via any device also means that she will never miss out on a sale or booking.

Key Features of the Website

Take a look at the Shamanic Practices and Essential Oils website design functionality.

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Do you want a captivating Brand Identity?

Prescriptions for Wonder merge Shamanic Healing, Self-Exploration, Creativity and Plant Medicines to ignite artful living, encourage expansion and cultivate well-being.


I highly recommend Arianne’s products and services.
She is attentive, caring and really knows her stuff.

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