Heal the Soul Music LOGO DESIGNS

Music Logo Design Concepts for Heal the Soul Music Label and Artist.

I created a variety of music logo designs for Heal the Soul. By producing varied logo concepts at the initial stage of the design process, it helps the client decide which direction to take the brand in and sparks new ideas.

Electronic Music Label logo design

Electronic Music Logo Design

This logo shows a bold, yet clean typographic style logo. Using clean lines and incorporating graphic elements to reinforce the name of the music label and artist.

Music logo design typography
Heal the Soul music label logo design

Friendly Music Logo Design Concept

This logo design shows a more emotive concept, using a friendly typeface and hugging arms.

Friendly Music Logo Designer
Logomark music logo design concepts

Musical Logomark Design

The core element in this idea is the logomark of a plaster over a heart to portray the concept of healing the soul. A complimentary and subtly stylised logo wordmark accompanies the logomark.

Funny Music Logo Design

This logo is more comedic and friendly, with integrated smiley face elements encompassing the text.

Funny music logo design
bold stylised music logo design

Bold Music Brand Design

This branded logo design shows a bespoke typeface, incorporating graphic elements into the lettering to complement the music label and electronic artist name.

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