As an illustrator in Brighton, I can help you to visually represent a particular topic, an aspect of your marketing or to create eye-catching imagery.

Illustration produces stylised artwork with a unique visual appeal, incorporating a wide range of design skills and experimentation.

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Illustration Services in Brighton

Illustration allows me to breathe life into every design and can be tailored to your exact requirements.

Illustration is useful for commissioned artwork, bespoke icons/emblems, stylised product imagery, or to create a unique visual representation of a topic.

A bespoke illustration can be tailored to your needs to provide a unique feel to any advertising or for a personalised work of art.

Where there is scope for creative freedom, I enjoy experimenting with various styles to produce a truly unique result.

Get in touch to discuss your ideas so I can talk you through the process and possibilities.

Illustration Services in Brighton

Vector Illustration

Vector imagery, which allows you to scale the artwork up to any size without loss of quality, is perfect for printing vinyl signs or t-shirts and many other reproduction techniques.

Digital Painting

Digital painting can produce very stylised artwork and add a distinct element of individuality to your advertising. It usually starts with a sketch which is then coloured and developed further within Photoshop.

Image Manipulation

Image manipulation is a great way to produce stunning illustrations. It involves making a completely new image out of preexisting photos, scanned in elements or anything else you can get your hands on.

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