Eyetooth Design supplies a full range of Graphic Design Services UK in Brighton and Hove, including the creation of flyers, posters, stationery, leaflets, booklets, menus and anything else you may need. Whether you’re looking for a stunning logo, brand identity or beautiful responsive website design, I’m here to help.

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Graphic design can help raise the profile of your business by providing a platform for getting your products and/or services noticed.

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The first step in providing effective marketing is a strong brand and logo which will help create a recognisable identity for your business.

Remember that you can use design for all aspects of your business. Find Creative Graphic Design Services UK with your friendly neighbourhood designer in Brighton and Hove, East Sussex.

You can promote your business further with the use of:

  • Stationery: cards to hand out to potential clients/customers, so that they can easily contact you.
  • Posters to catch the attention of passing traffic.
  • Flyers, leaflets or brochures to give directly to your target audience with more in-depth information.
  • Adverts in relevant publications to promote yourself and get you noticed.
  • Menus or booklets to display your products and prices.
  • Signs and banners to promote your business and help customers find you.

Hire a professional Graphic Designer in Brighton and Hove for stunning marketing designs.

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Here are a few things I can help you create…

Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of typography, photography and illustration. It’s a mind-shift away from product marketing and toward the exploration and production of a new kind of meaning.


Flyers are used as direct marketing to your end-user because they can be handed out individually. The main use of flyers is to promote yourself in a concise and relevant way by focusing on a core message.

If you have a well-designed flyer it will stand out against the competition. I can create flyers in a multitude of styles and am always striving to do something fresh and new, while always ensuring brand consistency.


Posters are a great way to get noticed. If designed and placed well, they can attract attention from a distance and so be seen by a huge amount of passing traffic.

Posters should be designed for maximum impact and be able to portray your message quickly and effectively. Most posters need to be viewed by people passing by so grabbing their attention quickly and drawing them in for a closer look is imperative. A well thought out design will do this for you.


Leaflets are usually a folded sheet of high impact artwork, useful for separating information into categories and avoiding the need for multiple pages.

They are ideal for displaying your copy into sections or simply to help break up your content over several columns which make it easier, and more enticing to read.

Use a professional designer to ensure the artwork is laid out correctly based on the necessary bleed, trim areas, guttering and other printer specifications for a beautiful finished product.


Brochures are used when you need to get a fair amount of information across. They can be laid out as small booklets, magazines or newsletters that highlight your services and products.

It is important to get these done professionally to keep the visual flow of information running throughout the publication.

Making sure that the pagination (layout of the pages) is correct is super important, to ensure that the order of your content is correct. An experienced designer will handle all this for you.


Creatively designed adverts can be used to improve the exposure of your business by placing relevant designs in publications that your target audience will see and respond to.

The design of an advert is critical to give you the best possible coverage by creating striking, well thought out artwork, that will make your message stand out.

A visually appealing and well laid out advert will get your message across quickly while enticing readers into absorbing your all important information.


Perfect for getting people to come to your event, be it a wedding, corporate meeting or fabulous birthday bash. If you invite them they will come, and if you send an invite they also know who, where, when, how and why.

If these are designed invitingly (pun intended) then you will be enticing your guests to attend, by providing them with all the information they need in a welcoming layout that is exquisitely designed.

The invite designs should look beautiful with a unique flourish that reflects your character or brand.

CD Covers & Album Artwork

I love music and stunning artwork. I listen to a huge amount of music while I work and tend to remember albums by their cover design. Improve your exposure with cleverly and beautifully composed artwork.

CD cover design should be high on your list of priorities as a singer, musician or band. It is the point of reference people use to recognise who you are. Beautiful album artwork is an incredible way to entice someone to listen to your music and strengthen your brand.

Be remembered for your great music and add a visual reference to reinforce it.


Merchandise design is important because it is a practical and subtle way to promote your business (or any other venture) by providing something fun or useful with an eye-catching design that people will want to keep.

Professionally designed merchandise promotes your brand ensuring that it is recognisable and creates a positive perception of your company.
It’s especially useful for products that are kept and used frequently. Some examples are pens, t-shirts, stickers, tote bags and much more. Be creative, almost anything can be used to publicise your core values.


Your company stationery gives people immediate access to your all-important contact information and reinforces your brand identity.

Although business cards and letterheads form the core of stationery design, it can be used to produce all your office supplies.

Make sure all your stationery relays a consistent visual identity. This will reinforce your brand and set the grounding for your other marketing. Whether its online media or print advertising that follows, your stationery will set you up nicely so that your customers recognise and remember who you are.

Business Cards

Business cards are an essential tool to pass on your details. You can always have them with you and when you give a well-designed card away it becomes a prospective client.

They are the perfect size to fit in a wallet so when your contact details are needed they can easily be found. The design needs to have a catchy front to help the card stand out and the information on the back should be presented clearly and legibly. Make the mundane procedure of finding a phone number slightly more pleasurable.


Your logo and contact details on letters you send out need to be professionally designed in a visually pleasing way to reinforce your brand.
Letterheads are an intrinsic part of any company’s stationery and their design showcases your brand and important information. The design of your letterheads can make the difference between someone contacting you or not.

By using an effective design on letterheads you can ensure that they catch the eye and are easily recognised on a messy desk full of papers.


If you have a list of products to sell, then menus are the way to go. What would restaurants or bars do without menus? Let everyone know what you have; if you get someone to read it they are likely to place an order.

The design of your menu is vital because it promotes your food and drink products directly to the consumer at the point of sale in a visually appealing way.

A great menu will also reduce delays with orders because your customers will know exactly what they want, having been inspired by the visual appeal and easy access to key information.


The design of your packaging is going to directly sell your product so it’s vital that you get it right. It needs to be visually appealing whilst portraying your product in the best possible light.

Packaging design covers a huge range of layouts because of the varied size and dimension of products. By using a professional designer, you’ll have peace of mind, knowing that the finished product is going to look incredible.

An appealing design created for your product packaging is one of the first steps to selling it.


Think about how frustrating it is to search for a business that is not clearly visible. Make your customers happy to find you with the use of well designed and recognisable signs.

Banners are great for showing what you have to offer from a distance. They can be put up virtually anywhere you need them. Perfect for trade shows or market stalls where they allow you to attract customers and draw in extra revenue.

If you put your company logo and brand on your vehicle it’s going to market your business everywhere you go. If you do it well, you’ll look cool too!



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