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I’m a professional album cover designer in Brighton & Hove, who’s passionate about music & artwork. I’ll help get your track or music noticed, by creating visually, what you’ve achieved through your sound.

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Music Imagery

Visualise Your Sounds

I can create anything from vinyl/cd covers, digital album artwork, gig posters, websites, online advertising, merchandise designs – like t-shirts, or badges – along with any other promotional artwork.


Graphic and Web Design Services for bands or musicians or the music industry, by Eyetooth Design
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I offer reasonable rates and will produce stunning designs to compliment your particular style. I am interested in all genres of music, so I am happy to provide any music sector with the best possible marketing, to help spread the word about the brilliant sounds you’re creating.

Whether you are an artist starting out, an established group or a record label, I can help.

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Imagine you could see sound

By complimenting your music with beautiful artwork, you can!

Harmonizing Sound and Sight: Elevate Your Music with Eyetooth Design’s Visual Storytelling

In the dynamic realm of the music industry, visual design serves as a powerful amplifier, enriching the sonic experience and elevating artists to new heights of recognition and resonance. Eyetooth Design understands the intrinsic connection between sound and sight, offering a suite of design services tailored to musicians, bands, and labels alike. From captivating album cover designs that entice listeners to immersive web experiences that deepen fan engagement, our expertise in visual storytelling transforms music into a multisensory journey.

Album cover design isn’t just about creating eye-catching artwork; it’s about distilling the essence of an artist’s music into a visual masterpiece that captivates audiences. With Eyetooth Design, each album cover becomes a portal into the sonic world crafted by the artist, inviting listeners to embark on a visual voyage that mirrors the emotional landscape of the music itself. Whether it’s evoking nostalgia, sparking curiosity, or igniting intrigue, my designs speak volumes, serving as a potent magnet for music lovers worldwide.

In an era where online presence is paramount, web design emerges as a cornerstone of an artist’s digital identity. Eyetooth Design specializes in crafting immersive and user-friendly websites that serve as virtual hubs for artists to connect with their audience, showcase their music, and cultivate a loyal fan base. From sleek and intuitive interfaces to seamless integration of multimedia content, my web design services empower musicians to forge meaningful connections and leave a lasting impression in the digital realm.

Beyond album covers and websites, visual design permeates every facet of the music industry, from promotional materials and merchandise to stage visuals and music event posters. At Eyetooth Design, I offer a holistic approach to visual branding, ensuring consistency and coherence across all touchpoints of an artist’s journey. With my expertise in graphic design, web design, and beyond, Eyetooth Design stands as a trusted partner for musicians seeking to amplify their voice, expand their reach, and leave an indelible mark on the world stage.

Music Design Services for Singers, Bands or Musicians

Album Artwork & CD Cover Design

Your album artwork is integral to getting your music noticed, even before people have heard it. It also helps portray your musical creations in the best light and allows listeners to have a visual reference for what they are hearing. I often find myself referring to an album by its cover artwork. In our digital age, having an album cover design that works equally to promote hard copies of your CDs as well as online is extremely important. Being able to catch people’s attention, on Spotify, Soundcloud or Amazon/Apple Music will help a lot. While having a poorly designed cover will hinder your progress, as people may never bother listening to it, rather than being encouraged to do so by captivating artwork.

I can help with both online, and print-based artwork so I’m ideally suited to provide a complete music design solution.

CD cover design should be high on your list of priorities as a musician or band. The album cover design is the point of reference people use to recognise who you are. I am a very visual person and always associate a great album of music with superb cover design. I don’t often remember the album title but always remember the artwork that accompanies it. When you think about how influential a truly great cd cover is on the success of an album, it just shows how important design is for promoting your music. You worked hard to create the music, now back it up with an iconic design.

Album cover design can utilise many aspects of my design work, whether its illustration or image manipulation to create striking cover art or a superb booklet layout for song lyrics and other useful information about the band. I am passionate about providing meticulous detail with compelling and memorable visuals to give you the best possible exposure.

Music Website Design

As a music web designer, I will create a robust online presence to help your band get noticed. I can provide you with bespoke web design to allow your fans to find out more and share your music with their friends. You will be able to showcase your best tunes online, via your website, to encourage people into seeing your awesome live shows or buy your albums.

Another advantage of having an online presence is being able to keep your fans informed about your gigs or concerts so that they never miss a show.

If you’d like to manage and update your online content, I can create a stunning and versatile WordPress website for you. Or if you just want a truly unique online presence, then I can also create impressive responsive websites using HTML and CSS.

Online Advertising

I can also help with any other Creative Music Design Services for bands or musicians, like online advertising for social media pages, banners and web ads. Creating designs or images for your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages in an enticing way, will attract fans and allow them to share your news and music with all their friends and online networks.

Alongside the social profiles, I can provide all your other online advertising, whether online banners, animated ads or digital cover artwork.

Sending emails to your fan base or audience is another way to keep them engaged and let them know about gigs and new releases. Stay in their minds with regular updates that look great and keep them hooked on your music.

Gig Banner, Poster & Flyer Artwork

If you are going to be performing gigs, then it’s imperative to let fans know about them. Excellently designed music promotional artwork will allow them to buy tickets and enjoy the experience of seeing you play live.

Getting alluring posters or flyers designed to promote your gigs, or new releases will inform and entice fans to come to your musical events or to buy your new albums.

Having a poster designed for your band or group is a great way to promote yourselves too. Fans will hang the posters for their friends to see, who will inevitably also end up listening to your music. Bedroom posters for bands always go down a treat, but unless they look fantastic, no one will display them.

If you have a striking banner behind you at the venue you are playing, it will reinforce who you are and provide a visual reference to your music, to cement your name into the audience’s minds.

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Poster Design

Posters should be designed for maximum impact and be able to portray your message quickly and effectively. Most posters need to be viewed by people passing by, so grabbing their attention quickly and drawing them in for a closer look is imperative. A well-thought-out design will do this for you.

Flyer Design

These could be handed out after gigs to make the audience aware of new releases, and upcoming concerts or to get them to sign up for updates. Expand your audience with a beautifully composed and creative flyer or leaflet design.

Merchandise Designs

Having band or artist merchandise is a great way to spread the word about your music. I go to a lot of gigs around Brighton and London and will often buy a t-shirt after a great concert. Purchasing a band’s merchandise allows me to show support for the artists I love, while also helping to spread the word about a particular band or group I’ve seen. (and I can wear something rather spiffy!)

If someone buys one of your shirts, they are definitely going to give you a great review, so it’s one of the best forms of advertising you can do. It’s also a way to make some extra money. The designs have to be captivating though otherwise no one will buy or wear your shirts.

You could also consider getting some badges, lighters, stickers or any other useful items that your fans can keep and use, to remind themselves and others of you.

It’s advertising that could last a lifetime!

Merchandise incorporates any product that carries your logo, website or company slogan. It’s especially useful for products that are kept and used frequently. Some examples are: pens, t-shirts, lighters, carry bags and much more. Be creative; almost anything can be used!

Merchandising works across all sectors of business – captivating design is essential to a successful campaign.

Clothing Artwork

Clothing design is an essential aspect of merchandising, and it can be an entity in its own right.

Having your company brand or logo on clothing can help advertise your business. People will notice it and remember the name in the future. It’s also great for selling clothing to promote yourself or even for the sheer enjoyment of having a bespoke piece of clothing with an alluring design.

They get something they like while sharing your brand everywhere they take it.

It’s design with legs!

Let it walk all over…

Logo Design & Branding for the Music Industry

Having a brand and logo design created for your music project will help increase your exposure and create a distinct identity that fans will recognise and love. Promoting yourselves as musicians is very similar to developing any other business. Although a lot more fun and style can be put into it, making it less rigid and more engaging to your audience.

Everything from the typography, graphical styles or elements and colour schemes need to be taken into consideration when creating your musical artwork. They will influence everything from your album cover artwork, gig posters, website design elements, social media, and email campaigns, so make sure they’re all on the same page. Your brand identity is how you’ll be recognised. Make sure it looks great and is recognisable. It doesn’t have to be dull, but it does have to be smart. Get it done right!

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