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A multidisciplinary design studio providing a complete range of Award-Winning Graphic and Web Design Services, for anything and everything you could possibly need. From initial branding and logo design to any print-based graphic designs and even a stunning online presence. I can raise the profile of your business and get you noticed.

So whether you’re looking for a graphic designer, web designer or brand identity and logo designer, I’m your man!  Get in touch.

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Graphic and Web Design Services

Hire a professional Graphic & Web Designer, specialising in logos and branding, who can handle all your marketing with creative flair and brilliant service.

Graphic & Web Design Services in East Sussex

Everything you need, all in one place.

Get your brand, marketing & website in tip-top condition by using an experienced, award-winning designer.

Scroll down to see info on each of the design areas I specialise in.
Get in touch if you’re looking for something specific. I’m sure I’ll be able to help.

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Award Winning Graphic Designer

Graphic Design

Graphic Design encompasses all of my skills as a designer.
It’s a culmination of everything from Branding to Illustration and influences great Web Design too.

Graphic design can help raise the profile of your business by providing a platform for getting your products or services noticed.

I supply a full range of award-winning Graphic Design services including the creation of flyers, posters, stationery, leaflets, booklets, menus and any other marketing material you may need.

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2022 & 2023 Winner:

Best International Graphic & Web Designer

2021 Winner:

Most Creative Graphic Design Company in East Sussex

2020 Winner:

Best Graphic Design Company in East Sussex

Best International Graphic and Web Designer 2022 Award-Winner Eyetooth Design

Web Design

A website should build the basis of your online presence, providing a great way to engage with your customers.

Creative Web Designer in Brighton Sussex
With everyone glued to their screens these days, it’s more important than ever to have a brilliant online presence.

I can help create a beautiful, user-friendly and responsive website, along with all your social media visuals and other online advertising.

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Hire a talented Graphic and Web Designer in Brighton

Brand Logo Designer in Brighton and Hove

Logo Design + Brand Identity

The key to a successful brand is having a well-designed logo and strong visual identity coupled with excellent service and customer satisfaction.

If you’re going to be marketing your business, then you need a memorable visual identity.

It all starts with a brilliant logo design and visual elements (typeface, colour schemes, etc.) that are unique and captivating.
These should reflect your ethos and reinforce the great products or services you offer.

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I often use illustration as part of my design workflow. Whether creating icons for websites, logo emblems, custom typography or bespoke graphics, it brings life and personality to every project.

Illustration can provide a great way to portray ideas, create something specific to your exact needs and maintain a cohesive style throughout your marketing.
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Client Testimonials and Reviews

Want to know what customers think of my Graphic and Web Design Services in Brighton and Hove?

Design Portfolio

Take a look at a selection of my design projects below.
You can also see my full portfolio or read about featured designs on my blog.
Graphic and Web Design Services for the music industry, bands or musicians by Eyetooth Design

20% off

Music Design

I enjoy the creativity that goes into designing music-related artwork, so I’m offering musicians or singers a 20% Discount!

Get incredible artwork to accompany your sounds, created by a music web designer and album cover designer in Brighton & Hove today.

I can create anything from cd covers, digital album artwork, gig posters, websites, online advertising, merchandise designs – like t-shirts or badges – along with any other promotional artwork.

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Hire Eyetooth Design, a creative, award-winning Graphic and Web Designer in Brighton & Hove.

Do you need Creative Graphic and Web Design Services?

Get the FAQs

How does the design process work?

I always like to get as detailed a brief as possible, so I have a clear idea of what is needed before I start work to provide you with my Graphic and Web Design Services.

For new clients, I ask for a small deposit to ensure that we are both invested in the work.

Each project I work on is handled slightly differently, depending on what the client needs and the process it’ll take to achieve stunning results.

I’ll give a general overview of my logo design process, so you get a clearer idea of what’s involved.

When you contact me to discuss what you need, I will give you a clear idea of the timescales and processes involved. I will be happy to tailor the way I work, to suit your needs, so long as it will be productive for both of us.

Remember that any initial discussions are free of charge, so you’re welcome to ask me questions to find out more about what is needed. It’s vital that we are both on the same page, and have clear, actionable goals before work starts.

What is the process of creating a logo design?

After receiving a brief or discussing the project with the client, I produce a variety of different logo concepts (usually around 6). These help us to decide which direction to head in and which designs styles or elements to use.

At this stage, I ask for constructive feedback from the client, after which we revisit the preferred concept or combine elements from different ideas.

It is sometimes necessary to produce further ideas, as it’s all part of the discovery process, and the initial concepts can often spark new ideas and avenues that hadn’t been considered before. I always strive to get things right for my clients, so I will do what is necessary to produce what they’re after.

From here on in it’s all down to fine-tuning the designs til we’re all happy with the results.

Once the logo design has been approved, I will then produce the necessary files needed and create any additional elements, such as social media images, icons, emblems and different versions of the logo to be used for various purposes.

I am always available if you need tweaks made or new file types produced. Happy customers are what I strive for. :)

What design services do you provide?

I specialise in providing amazing Graphic and Web Design Services.

I can do pretty much everything, from Logo Design and Branding right through to Graphic Design, Web Design and even Illustration.

Contact me to discuss your requirements, and I’m sure I will be able to help.

How much do you charge?

I charge £30 per hour. I find that charging an hourly rate keeps costs fair and stops the need for inflated set prices. It also means that the more organised and decisive you are, the less you’ll have to pay.

I always create bespoke designs, so each project is unique and therefore, will often cost different amounts. I will be happy to give an estimate before starting work, and we can discuss your budget and any other criteria before work begins.

What software do you use?

The majority of my work is carried out using Adobe Creative Cloud. Depending on the work I am doing, this could mean photo editing or poster design in Photoshop, creating a vector logo or illustrations in Illustrator, carrying out web design work in Dreamweaver or producing layouts in Indesign.

It is likely that for any given design project I work on, I will use a whole range of different programs to best use each of their capabilities to the fullest and create stunning artwork.

The beauty of using a suite of applications like this is that they all work seamlessly together.

Where are you based and where can you work?

I am based in the UK, in Brighton & Hove, but work with clients all over the world. The online nature of my work means that I can easily work with clients based far away. I have actually never met some of my clients who I have had a brilliant working relationship with for many years.

If you are local to me, I will be happy to meet up for an initial consultation too, though.

Do you provide a fast turnaround for urgent projects?

I always strive to meet tight deadlines and can often turn work around surprisingly quickly. I do ask that clients plan ahead though, as I will need to prioritise projects based on when they are required and when the go-ahead is given to start work.

If there is a particularly urgent last-minute job you need, there may be an extra fee incurred. This will be dependent on the project and what is involved.

What payment types do you accept?

I prefer to be paid via bank transfer, which is particularly easy with online banking these days. I can, however, be flexible on what payment methods I accept, as I am aware that there are often charges incurred for payments from overseas. If paying via PayPal (or similar online methods), I will need to charge a small fee to cover their costs.

If necessary, I can also accept cash or cheques.

I will be happy to discuss options with you and am always open to suggestions.

How many revisions will you do?

I am happy to do as many changes or revisions as necessary so that we are both happy with the outcome of every project.

Bear in mind that I charge an hourly rate for the work done though, so I’d suggest trying to be as organised and decisive as possible to keep costs down.

Will I be able to make changes or updates myself?

It depends on what is being created.

There are some instances where this is possible, such as websites designed using WordPress. They will use a CMS (Content Management System) that will allow you to make minor updates to the content. For more technical work I will be happy to help.

In most cases, it would be difficult for you to make changes yourself, as you will need copies of the professional software used and the skills and knowledge necessary.

If you would like me to send you the source files, so that you can make future updates yourself, I will be happy to do so (once I have received payment in full).