Elevate EMEA Gallery & ARTWORK

Photos of the designs created for Net Documents’ 2019 Elevate EMEA conference.

Elevate EMEA Gallery & Artwork 2019

Net Documents Elevate EMEA 2019

See some highlights of the designs & artwork I created for the Net Documents Conference in London.

I created a vast amount of artwork for Net Document’s Elevate EMEA conference. These photos showcase just a few design pieces I worked on for the event. I was involved in all the design aspects leading up to the event, which included designing the banners, signage, stickers, flyers, posters, exhibition stands and website, as well as liaising with sponsors and much much more!

The conference was a huge success. I am privileged to have worked with Josie and Sara (from Net Documents), who are always a pleasure to work with.


I have done a wide variety of work for Net Documents.

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