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I am delighted to announce that Eyetooth Design has won an award!

Best Graphic Design Company 2020 – East Sussex.

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Please give us a brief overview of Eyetooth Design, your clients and the services you offer?

Eyetooth Design is an experienced, full-service graphic design company. I have been creating impactful, visual communication materials for small businesses, large corporate marketing teams and everything in between for over 12 years. My diverse range of clients includes well-known brands, such as the IMO (International Maritime Organisation), musicians, mechanics, solicitors, event organisers and international charities like ZHRO (Zimbabwe Human Rights).

I help clients all over the world make their businesses and products stand out from the competition with bespoke and creative graphic design. Everything I do is geared towards a happy and satisfied customer. I provide a very personal, tailored service while handling everything from initial concepts right through to the finished project. I still have a lot of clients who have been with me since the beginning; I’m very proud of that. They know their calls will always be answered and that they are speaking to someone who understands their needs (no call centres here!).

Graphic design is at the core of everything I do. My services range from logo design and branding to web design and illustration, but you could say that my services fall into two main categories; Graphic Design and Web Design as follows:

  • Graphic design encompasses so much, but I like the definition that it’s ‘art with purpose’. I create impactful branding and can transform the image of a company or product. Which includes, but isn’t limited to, things like logo design and branding, bespoke artwork, advertising and company stationery.
  • Web design services relate to the way a company presents itself online. Digital media and web design cover everything from business sites and marketing to e-commerce platforms and blogs, as well as social media artwork and online ads.

What are your core values?
Have these changed at all since your establishment?

My core values haven’t changed. Incredible design and happy customers are my priority – if the customer doesn’t love it, then it’s not finished. I’m a seasoned design veteran who has learnt a lot during my time; from dealing with customers and running my business to keeping up with the latest technology. I always strive to be the best.

I couldn’t have done this without my amazing clients.
I look forward to working with you all in the near future.

What differentiates your firm from your competitors and marks you out as the best possible option for your clients?
Essentially, what is your unique selling point?

With over 20 years of experience in the design industry overall, I can say with confidence that my approach to bespoke, customer service and impeccable design is what differentiates me.

I handle everything, personally. There is no automated telephone service with voicemail here. I care about giving my clients direct access to me.

Having a personal relationship with my clients means I can provide a tailored service based on their individual needs, business goals and personalities. I go above and beyond to ensure sound marketing and design advice, based on my experience and know-how.

Best Graphic Design Company 2020 Award Winner Trophy

Award Trophy for Best Graphic Design Company 2020 in East Sussex

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Have you encountered any challenges or issues since your establishment?

I think that every professional designer struggles to compete against free or cheap online services. While this may work for some, if it’s too cheap, the person or system handling your project could be unoriginal, inexperienced or soulless, showing very little pride in their work.

Hiring a designer should be an investment in your business, not a way to save money. Often, I won’t use a company whose website or branding isn’t up to scratch. If they don’t care enough to present the face of their business well, their products and services are probably below par too.

Can you explain a bit more about your design process and how you work with your clients?

Graphic Design is as much about solving problems for my clients as it is about creativity. We discuss changes and find better ways to portray our ideas, or suggest copy edits that make improvements to the overall visual appearance. Great designers focus on layout and structure, so the result is engaging and user-friendly. Taking the time to ensure consistency across the brand while considering style is more meaningful than just slapping text onto a background.

I manage all aspects of design (print-based/online). I don’t subject my clients to call centres, and there is no corporate bureaucracy when you work with me. I make sure every project gets 100%.

Thanks so much to SME News and the UK Enterprise Awards 2020 for selecting me as the winner of this prestigious award.

Please tell me about the trends you are seeing in your industry?

While I keep up with techniques and technologies, I don’t follow fads or trends in design. Trends can look outdated quickly, so I focus on solid layout and design principles – with creative flair and experimentalism for good measure!

How has COVID-19 impacted your business?

Covid-19; yes, work slowed down, but my work is largely online, so my business wasn’t too severely affected. Many of my clients stopped trading for a while, but I supported everyone as much as possible, so I’m beginning to see some normality again. I have gone through recessions and tough times over the years, so I understand how tricky it is for businesses to keep going.

Eyetooth Design announced as 2020 Winner of the Best Graphic Design Company in East Sussex!

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What are the main benefits of being based in the UK?
Are there any benefits specific to your region in particular?

I love working from Brighton in East Sussex. It’s a creative hub that continuously inspires me, from the intriguing people to the friendly vibe and only 30 minutes by train to London. I love having the seaside and countryside on my doorstep, especially after long days on the computer.

It’s easy to work with my European clients in Spain, Sardinia and Italy from here. It’s only 3 hours to Paris, and I’m as connected to my large corporate clients in London as I am to the exciting, start-up companies and entrepreneurs for which the UK is famous.

What does the future have in store for your firm?

I’m working on some exciting new design projects and getting really creative with the clients saying, “give me something that looks incredible”. Whether it’s transformational branding, impactful marketing artwork or digital media, I love helping businesses get set up and established with great design.

In the future, I’d like even more scope for creativity and experimentation in my projects. Of course, I understand that budgets are limited, but spending a bit extra will result in really impactful marketing, that people simply can’t ignore.

I love learning new things so I would like to focus on more advanced animation and possibly implementing more natural media (non-digital elements) into my workflow. It’s challenging to find time within a busy work schedule, to experiment and learn, but I never want to stop pushing the boundaries of design.

Winner of Best Graphic Design Company 2020 - East Sussex is Eyetooth Design

Eyetooth Design announced as the 2020  Best Graphic Design Company Award Winner in East Sussex!

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Eyetooth Design also won the Most Creative Graphic Design Company 2021 – East Sussex and Best International Graphic & Web Designer 2022!

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