Éco Property Consultant LOGO DESIGN

Eco-friendly branding, logo & business card designed for ABRi-ÉCO Conseil.

Eco-friendly property maintenance branding

Eco-friendly Branding

Logo & business card designs for an eco-friendly property maintenance & renovation consultancy.

Abri-eco logo design & eco-friendly branding

Logo Design

I designed the Abri-éco Conseil logo for a French company specialising in eco-friendly and economical property renovation. They make property diagnoses and advise on renovations to help save energy and be more ecological.

I created several different options of the Abri-éco logo design for the client to choose from. These varied from more literal examples showing a house and incorporating ecological elements like leaves to more abstract ideas. The client settled on this design, that is less obvious but still loosely conveys the roof of a building with an organic and fluid feel. It also denotes the letter A, in the emblem, to reinforce the name of the business and adds a subtle leaf for the accent on the é to portray the ecological aspect.

Colour Schemes

It is always important to ensure that a logo will work on a range of different backgrounds. At the very least, you should have two versions of the logo, which can be used on either a light or dark background.

With this logo, I put careful consideration into the colours used so that they would appear equally well on both a light and dark background colour.  All that needed to be done was to change the text colour, while the emblem can be left as is.

Abri-éco business card design

Eco-Friendly renovations business card designs

The business card ties in with all the elements created as part of the logo and brand identity. Careful attention was put into the arrangement of the emblems on the back of the card. While the placement seems random the spacing between each emblem was carefully planned and there is a loose pattern as to how they are repeated.

I enjoy patterns that are not immediately obvious which I feel create more visual interest and encourage viewers to linger a little longer on a design.

The one that got away…

When creating initial proofs of a logo for a client, I always provide a variety of options.  This was one of the contenders.

You’ll notice that the company name evolved during the design process, by changing from ‘Abrieco’ to ‘Abri-éco’. Once you can view how certain lettering looks and works, it is possible to make tweaks in order to create an overall stronger brand.  That’s why logo design should be one of the first steps in setting up a new business.

Alternative logo design for Abreco

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