2021 Cycling Event ARTWORK

Velo29 Cycling Event Designs for 2021.

2021 Cycling Event Artwork Design

2021 Sportives

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The 2021 Cycling Event Artwork was designed to encourage cyclists to get on their bikes again.

After a tough year, with COVID delaying/stopping a lot of the 2020 Cycling events/sportives that Velo29 put on, they were finally able to start running their sportives again (in a very safe way).

I created some new artwork to push some last-minute events and also to get 2021 into gear. With all the necessary precautions in place, it should hopefully be a great year for cyclists to get back on the road.

Freedom to Ride cycling event design

The all-inclusive cycling event by Velo29

Freedom to Ride Cycling event artwork

The Freedom to Ride Cycling event artwork was created to help advertise that the velo29 sportives were starting up again and provide a safe environment for the whole family to get out on their bikes again, after being cooped up indoors for months!

The Mini Season – come ride with us

Advert design to highlight that Velo29 cycling events have started up again.

This advert was designed to highlight a few of the cycling events that were able to go ahead, after having to cancel so many due to COVID!

It ran in Cycling Weekly and highlighted the key events so that it could reach as many cyclists as possible.

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Velo29 Cycling event artwork design


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