The Eyetooth Design rebranding project

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I will be using this site to play with ideas and inspiration to eventually rebrand my existing site If you need any Graphic or Web design work done then my official Eyetooth-Art site will be the best platform to use. Or you can email me here.

If you are interested in the process of rebranding you’re welcome to keep an eye on this site. I will add bits and bobs to it as and when I find the time.

As I try to update my business site fairly regularly, some of the ideas shown here will filter through to the other site so you can see them in action.

P.S. I’m gonna keep the site really basic to start while I develop new ideas and elements to go with the new branding.
I see branding as an evolution of ideas, so I’d like the site to evolve into a snazzy new full blown brand, in time…

Anyway, let’s get started. This is my current logo:
Eyetooth-Art logo

I would like to retain some of the colour schemes and the natural (leafy) elements, while incorporating some more modern angular shapes. I like the natural elements cause I get a lot of inspiration from nature for my designs. While the more modern angular shapes would help highlight the fact that the majority of my design work is done on computer.

It’s also important to keep my style my own and not get too contemporary and clich?.

Here are a few concepts or ideas I was playing around with to get the creative juices flowing.
Eyetooth Design concept drawings
When considering logo design concepts it’s important to think of the many sizes and aspect ratios hey need to be viewed at. For example, on website headers it’s usually bets to have a slightly wider/longer logo, while social media sites usually need to work as squares.
Also, how they look within different contexts or on varying background colours can influence whether a particular design will work or not.

Font branding ideas

Web Fonts / Type ideas

While considering changes in the fonts used in my rebrand, one of my first reference points is Google Fonts. Google’s archive of fonts, allow you to select a bunch of different types and preview them with your selected text. They are also extremely easy to implement online, no matter what platform you’re using (WordPress / plain HTML etc.).

It is of course possible to incorporate other fonts into a website design, although there can sometimes be compatibility issues with certain browsers or online platforms.
It is relatively easy to add custom fonts when using Dreamweaver to create a webpage, although as mentioned above, you may run into compatabilty issues, depending on your choice of typeface and the formats it is available in. Using other font libraries like Adobe CC offers are also a viable alterniatve. Some of the disadavantages of using Adobe CC fonts, are that you are restricted to a certain number of fonts to use (depending on your subscription package). It is also a little trickier to implement Adobe fonts when working with a WP theme, as most themes already have built in functionality to use Google Fonts as standard. This makes the whole process much quicker, as you don’t have to rely on CSS call functions to try and overwrite the built in PHP scripts.

I like to create consistency between any online and offline designs, so it’s great to also have the capability to use these fonts offline. For my actual logo, I may use something similar to the font I decide to use on the site, but will more than likely convert it to curves in Illustrator and customise it to give it some individuality. Doing it this way will ensure that it still ties in with any text used on the site, but also still has it’s own identity. WHich for a brand identity is really important.

Check out the new logo :)

It’ll have some animated elements on the final site to keep it captivating and help draw attention to the different aspects of design I work on.

Eyetooth Design logo new
Eyetooth invoice design mockup

New invoice design

I’ve been testing out a slightly revised colour scheme, new fonts and some graphical elements as part of the new branding. I need to do some testing to ensure that it all ties in throughout the designs, so still a lot to decide.
Work has been manic recently, so it’s hard to find time to work on this, but will try to publish updates soon.

I’m working on a snazzy new site design too…

Watch this space…